Humans are the archetypal race in the Fire Emblem series comprised of many individuals in similar build as the real-world basis.


The humans of the Fire Emblem series are much like real-world humans, lacking many of the more chimeric features of races like the Manakete, Laguz, Taguel, Wolfskin, and Kitsune as well as the inability to transform into beast creatures. Instead, Humans utilize a plethora of skills in battle, including fighting with metal weapons, magic, and tamed mounts. Humans make up a majority of the playable cast of characters and generally populate their respective worlds when compared to the other races. However, several humans have been known to marry and bear children with the chimeric races, resulting in children with special characteristics. Several have retained their bestial heritages traits of transformation or common features, while others lack them but retain specific characteristics like advanced lifespans and vulnerability to specific weapons.

A common theme throughout the franchise is the general powerlessness human have in contrast to Manaketes and other draconic entities, whom they treat as divine beings. In addition, many humans tend to fear the chimeric races, resulting either committing mass genocide or forcing them into isolation to the point that they are considered myths. As such, many of the chimeric tribes harbor hatred towards humans and will only interact with select individuals.

Tellius SeriesEdit

Tellius features the Beorc race which shares many similarities to Humans aside from their genetic origins. The phrase "Human" is used as a derogatory statement by the Laguz when referring to Beorc while the Beorc call Laguz "Sub-Humans" as a retort.

Fire Emblem FatesEdit

Fire Emblem Fates features mainly normal humans in its story. However numerous tribes exist throughout the land, each its own independent entity separate from Hoshido and Nohr, but generally allied with one of the two. Like the nobles of Hoshido and Nohr, the Tribes have a connection to the First Dragons. While they are unable to activate Dragon Veins, tribe members are granted a limited control of a particular element.

Three known tribes exist: The Ice Tribe, Fire Tribe, and Wind Tribe. These elemental affinities appear during combat where tribe members attacks produce an elemental animation associated with their tribe, though these are merely aesthetic. It is shown in story chapters and in support conversations that tribe members do have varying levels of elemental power as Ice Tribe members producing blizzards and Wind Tribe members producing whirlwinds.

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