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I'll Tiki-Tiki You (For Reals) is the first of Tiki's side stories in Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE.


The side-story begins when Itsuki visits Tiki in the Bloom Palace. She informs him that she feeds off of the Performa created using the Tiki Uta-loid software in order to maintain her form, and she's worried about one particular Uta-loid producer called Tiki=Waifu, who hasn't created any new songs recently. Tiki is a fan of Tiki=Waifu's music, and asks Itsuki to check up on the producer to make sure that they're all right.

Itsuki tries visiting Cafe Seiren, where Tiki=Waifu is said to usually work on new compositions, but when he arrives, he hears a rumor suggesting that the producer hasn't been seen for a while. It's also hinted that the last time Tiki=Waifu was seen was near Shibuya 106. Fearing that Tiki=Waifu has gotten lost in Illusory 106, Itsuki enters the Idolasphere and embarks on a search.

As it turns out, Tiki=Waifu did wander into the Idolasphere, and Itsuki finds her safe and sound. He also expresses surprise that the producer is a girl, based on the nature of her online alias. Tiki=Waifu simply replies that her love for Tiki "transcends gender and dimensions." After urging Tiki=Waifu to leave the Idolasphere, Itsuki confirms everything is OK, and then reports back to Tiki to tell her the good news.

Upon completing the side story, Tiki will acquire the Backup Skill Idola_Safety.exe. Once acquired, field skills and items with effects that last for a duration of time will see their duration of effect increased.


  • The name of the side story is a reference to a popular Vocaloid song, "I'll Miku-Miku You (For Reals)" featuring the Vocaloid Hatsune Miku. The song was written and composed by the Japanese Vocaloid music producer ika and was first uploaded to the video site Nico Nico Douga on September 20, 2007.