II: Realms Collide (弐:記憶の双剣, Ni: Kioku no Sōken lit. 2: Twin Swords of Memories in the Japanese version) is Xenologue 16 of Fire Emblem Fates.


“Lost and far from home, the youths of Nohr must save not only themselves, but also a savage young dragon.”


Secret Book (Artwork)
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This map may be a bit more challenging than the last map, as this is an escape map rather than a simple rout the enemy one.

Players start off with male Kana, Dwyer, Sophie, Forrest, Nina and Ophelia. They carry the following items:

Like the previous Xenologue, if any of the children fall at 0 health, they will simply retreat.

Kana does not gain the massive bonuses that Corrin obtained during Chapter 5, so care should be taken. In addition, several groups of Samurai carry Wyrmslayers, so do not let Kana tank if there are any nearby, or else he will be taken down in one hit. Like in Chapter 5, Kana cannot benefit from both Attack and Guard Stance, although he can trade with other characters.

Players can pick either the left or right path. The bosses are slightly harder than the other Vallite soldiers that accompany them in battle. In the middle is a group of slightly stronger Vallites and Shiro. After several turns have passed, Shiro will start chasing your units. On Lunatic, Shiro will begin to chase you at the end of turn 6. Like Siegbert in Heirs of Fate I, Shiro is extremely dangerous, as he carries both Samurai and Spear Fighter skills on him, along with Rajinto which can heavily damage/kill your units if he gets lucky. Players should either rush the enemies on either path before he gets to him, or camp in an area free of enemies and prepare to fight him (although fighting him will be next to impossible in harder difficulties since his stats will be higher to the point that he can double or critical you).

When either Asugi or Caeldori are defeated, all screens but the middle will open. Players should be extremely wary upon doing this, as all enemies in the other path will start chasing your units until they escape. Except if you defeat Asugi only 4 of the enemies on the other side will go for you (including Caeldori).

Dropped ItemsEdit

Note: These items only last for the Xenologue attempt.

Chest ItemsEdit

Note: These items only last for the Xenologue attempt.


Note: These rewards are only given if all children survived the battle.


  • This chapter uses the map from Chapter 25 of the Conquest route.
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