Iago's Tome (マクベスの惑書 Makubesu no Wakusho, lit. Macbeth's Confusion Book) is a Tome that is introduced in Fire Emblem Fates. Eponymously named after Iago, the deceitful, sycophantic advisor of Garon, Iago's Tome conjures swirls of dark energy that engulf a selected enemy target before exploding into a flurry of purple vapours.

Weapon Stats[edit | edit source]

Fire Emblem Fates[edit | edit source]

Name Type

FE14Tome.png Iago's Tome

FE14 Tome.png Tome

Rank Uses Mt Hit Crt Avo Rng WEx Worth
B 7 85% 0% 0% 1-2 ? 0

After battle, Mag/Skill -2; recover by 1 each turn.
Enemy's Def/Res -4.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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