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The Village of Ide

Ide is a location that appears in Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. It is a small group of villages located in Renais.


Home of the legendary warrior Garcia and his aspiring son Ross, Ide was the site of one of the first conflicts following Grado's invasion of Renais in 803. The assault on the village was led by Bone, a member of Bazba's Bandits.

Influence of the Invasion[]

As revealed at the beginning of the Chapter 2, Bone and his gang of bandits have no tie to any nation, and are rather taking advantage of the chaos resulting from Grado's invasion in an attempt to loot several villages. As such, the bandits destroy the home of Garcia and Ross without second thought. The bandits will also attempt to destroy a southwestern village if Eirika's party fails to reach it first.

After the War[]

Ravaged by the war, Ide becomes nearly completely destroyed due to the bandits' attack. However, after darkness is expelled from Magvel, Garcia and Ross vow to return home and vow to aid in the reconstruction of their village. Ide serves as the place of retirement for legendary fighter Garcia. Garcia settled in the small village to raise his son, Ross, and enjoy a peaceful life.