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Igasato is a nation in the continent in Fire Emblem Fates.


Igasato is a nation in Hoshido with a longstanding alliance with the main country. It is well known for producing Ninja who often working for the Hoshidan army and as bodyguards for the Royal Family. Training for most starts at a young age with children often being brought along missions to give them real world training.

The nation is led by an individual named Saizo, which is a title bestowed upon them. Currently, there are five known individuals who have carried the name of Saizo. The title is generally given to the eldest son of the current Saizo when the previous either steps down or passes away. Upon taking up the title, the inheritor relinquishes his old name and is referred as Saizo from then on out by all individuals in the clan.

Known People from Igasato

  • Saizo IV - The fourth to carry the title of Saizo and the former head of the Igasato Clan before he was murdered by Kotaro.
  • Saizo V - The severe retainer of Ryoma and fifth to carry the title of Saizo and the current head of the Igasato Clan.
  • Kaze - A serious and disciplined ninja popular with women. Twin brother of Saizo V.


Igasato is most likely referencing Iga-ryū, a notable ancient ninja school in Japanese legend.