Ignis (華炎 Kaen, Lit. Magnificent Flame in the Japanese version, Ignition in the French version, Apolo in the Spanish version) is a skill introduced in Fire Emblem: Awakening.


Upon activation, it adds half the user's Strength to their Magic when attacking with Tomes or Magic Weapons like Levin Swords and half the user's Magic to their Strength when attacking with physical weapons, like Swords, Lances, Axes, and Bows.

It is dependent on the player if they wish to put Ignis on their character's skill roster when battling, as Luna has a same activation rate as Ignis. Ignis is better off used against low defense/resistance targets as it will add the user's strength/magic stat to their current damage, which can increase the damage given. Luna, on the other hand, reduces the target's defense/resistance by half, which is better off against high defense/resistance targets.

Example: Character A is a Sage with 32 strength and 48 magic. They are using a Bolganone Tome (+12 Mt) so their damage is 60, presuming that they are fighting alone with unboosted stats and not paired up with another unit. When Ignis is activated, damage is increased to 76 (32/2 > 16 + 60), and hits Character B, another Sage with 72 Resistance (52 base Resistance, Resistance + 10, Rally Spectrum, Heart and Resistance), and will deal 4 damage. If Character A had Luna, their attack damage would be 60, while Character B's resistance would be dropped to 36, allowing Character A to deal 24 damage onto them.


Template:SkillStat/start |MFlameIgnis |(Skill)% | - |Adds half of the unit's Magic stat to their Strength when using a physical weapon like Swords, Bows, and Stones. Adds half of a unit's Strength to the unit's Magic when using a tome or a magic weapon. |Learned by Grandmasters at Level 5 |}


Ignis is the latin word for flame or firebrand.

Ignis' Japanese name contains of the Kanji for Flower (華). When the skill activates, after the attack, a shower of petals produce from the strike.

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