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Ikona (イコナ) is a character mentioned in Fire Emblem Fates.


Ikona was the first wife of King Sumeragi and the previous queen of Hoshido. Through her marriage with him, Ikona gave birth to Sumeragi's four children: Ryoma, Hinoka, Takumi, and Sakura. One day, a woman came to Hoshido seeking refuge with her infant child. Ikona and Sumeragi welcomed Mikoto and her child into their kingdom and allowed her safety in Castle Shirasagi.

Sometime prior to the start of Fates, Ikona passed away. Even though Ikona has been long gone, the people of Hoshido as well as her children still hold her in high regard. During Mikoto's marriage to King Sumeragi, many of the people were unsure of their new queen out of respect to Ikona. However, the masses quickly warmed up to their new benevolent queen, but still kept Ikona in their hearts.


  • Should Corrin achieve an S-support with any of the Hoshido siblings, they will explain that Mikoto came to Sumeragi one day with a newborn baby, Corrin. However, Corrin is established to be the middle child, implying Ikona was still alive at the time.

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