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Entrance from the Central City

Illusory Shibuya is an Idolasphere in Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE.


Illusory Shibuya is first visited in Chapter 2. The entrance is located in the Central City area of Shibuya down the block from Cafe Seiren. Itsuki's party first enters the Idolasphere when in pursuit of Nobu Horinozawa, a Mirage-possessed photographer that has taken Maiko and a number of models hostage. The boss at the end of the Idolasphere is Gangrel.

Illusory Shibuya is a series of platforms with staircases and jump-off points. Scattered throughout the Idolasphere are large cameras that will teleport the party back to the start of the current block if caught in their view. Later in the Idolasphere, there are also sections of floor that Itsuki must open by finding and flipping the proper switch.

The Idolasphere itself takes the form of a dark, distorted Shibuya. Scattered around the dungeon are photos of the models that the possessed Nobu had captured before, and later in the dungeon, the photos are exclusively focused on Maiko. After the Idolasphere is completed and Gangrel is defeated, the photos are swapped out with those of Shibuya landmarks.

There's also two mirages that can be recruited to the Illusory Urahara; an apparition and a pale bishop.


  • In the original Japanese version of Tokyo Mirage Sessions, the Idolasphere features a more overt gravure idol theme. The photos of the kidnapped models and of Maiko feature the missing women in swimwear. In the international release, the gravure idol theme was swapped with a fashion model theme, and the photos are changed to reflect this. The changes are also reflected in the story, as Maiko's background is alluded to being a fashion model rather than a gravure idol. During the confrontation with the possessed Nobu, Tsubasa dons a new outfit, referred to as "Sky Blue Smile" at Anzu Tokyo, created for the international release as she demonstrates her growth as a model to him.