“Eliwood enters Santaruz, only to be attacked by a strange group. In a desperate moment, he is rescued by a childhood friend, Marquess Ostia's younger brother, Hector. The assailants' leader reveals that an unknown party seeks Eliwood's head...Eliwood cannot help but think this is related to his father's disappearance. In search of more traces of his father's footsteps, Eliwood sets out for the castle of Lord Helman, the marquess of Santaruz.”
—Opening Narration (Eliwood's Story)

“Hector rescues Eliwood, and the two friends are reunited. The paladin Marcus reveals news: Someone has called for Eliwood's death. Pherae's problems must be connected to the attempt on Eliwood's life. Searching for more clues, Hector and friends depart for the castle of Marquess Santaruz.”
—Opening Narration (Hector's Story)

In Search of Truth is Chapter 13 of Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade.

Lord Helman tells Ephidel (the mysterious man from the previous chapter) that he is upset that Ephidel's men almost killed Eliwood, and plans to tell him everything and apologize. Ephidel asks him if he would really betray them, and Helman says he's tired of the Black Fang, and tells him to leave the castle at once. Epihdel asks if there's anything he could do to change his mind, to which Helman replies that there is nothing. Ephidel says that Helman no longer has any use, and stabs him.

Outside, Eliwood and Hector see the castle, but before they can begin to approach it, Boies appears and tells them that they will not be getting near the castle. Hector says his axe will change his mind, and Boies challenges him to make it to the castle first.

At a nearby fort, a bandit tells Guy to do this job right, or he is fired. Guy states that he wishes he did not have to get involved with bandits, but knows that without gold, he can't eat, and he doesn't want to pass out again. He mentions Matthew, saying that if it had not been for him, he would've died. The battle then begins.

After the castle is seized, Eliwood rushes inside and finds a gravely injured Lord Helman. Helman apologizes to Eliwood, and tells him that Darin, the marquess of Laus, knows what's going on. Before he dies, he tells Eliwood to "Beware...the Black...Fang..." Eliwood and Hector decide to leave immediately and head to Laus to speak to Darin.

In order to unlock Chapter 13x: The Peddler Merlinus you must visit the village in the northwest corner.

Eliwood ModeEdit

Initial EnemiesEdit

Total: 12


Total: 7

  • Turn 3-4, from the Fort near Guy's starting position:
  • Turn 5-6, from the left Fort directly south of the center Village:
  • Turn 5-6, from the right Fort directly south of the center Village:
  • Turn 7, from the Fort near the castle:
    • 1 Soldier L6 w/ Iron Lance

Hector ModeEdit


Initial EnemyEdit


  • 1 Brigand L2 w/ Hand Axe (fortress near Guy) after enemy's 2nd turn
  • 1 Brigand L2 w/ Hand Axe (fortress near Guy) after enemy's 3rd turn
  • 1 Soldier L2 w/ Iron Lance, 1 Archer L2 w/ Iron Bow (lower right fortress) after enemy's 4th turn
  • 1 Soldier L2 w/ Iron Lance, 1 Archer L2 w/ Iron Bow (lower right fortress) after enemy's 5th turn
  • 1 Soldier L6 w/ Iron Lance (lower left fortress) after enemy's 6th turn