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Inherit Skill is a gameplay feature in Fire Emblem Heroes.


Inherit Skill is an Advanced Growth option for the player to have their Heroes inherit skills from outside of the base skill set. Players sacrifice units with the skills they desire to pass on to the other units.

Players choose two heroes in their roster. Hero A will inherit the skills of Hero B. The player is allowed to choose up to four skills from Hero B to be transferred to Hero A. For the most part, skills are free to be transferred at the player's digression. Once the four skills have been chosen, Hero B is removed from the player's roster. Players are restricted from inheriting higher tier versions of skills until they have the required prerequisite skill tier(s) inherited or learned. For example a Hero must have Desperation 1 & 2 before they can inherit Desperation 3.

Inheritance Restrictions

The Inheritance restrictions are as follows:

  • All characters can only inherit weapons of their original weapon type.
    • Tome users are restricted to inheriting tomes from the same color.
    • Breath, Bow, and Dagger weapons are an exception, as any Breath/Bow/Dagger user can inherit them regardless of color.
    • Beast weapons can only be passed down to other beast units of the same movement type.
  • Several Sword, Lance, Axe, Tome, Breath, Bow, Dagger, and Staff weapons are completely unable to be inherited by characters other than the source character themselves. These are known as Legendary Weapons.
    • Legendary Weapons and other exclusive assists/specials/passives can only be inherited by 5-star variations of the same character (Dance, however, can be learned as early as 3 stars). Attempting to inherit such skill to a lower-star variant of the same character will not work.
  • Refined weapons cannot be inherited.
  • Black Luna, Regnal Astra, Ice Mirror, Sacrifice, Radiant Aether, Future Vision, Fire Emblem, Gray Waves, Lunar Flash, Sirius, Njörun's Zeal, Twin Blades, and Gentle Dream cannot be inherited off of Black Knight/Zelgius, Ayra, Fjorm, Micaiah, Ike (Vanguard Legend/Stalwart Heart), Lucina (Glorious Archer), Marth (Hero-King), Azura (Vallite Songstress), Alm (Saint-King), Sothis, Leif (Unifier of Thracia), Altina, and Peony respectively.
  • Dance and Sing cannot be inherited.
  • Staff users cannot inherit non-staff Assists/Specials and vice-versa. Damage reducing specials can only be inherited by melee characters.
  • Galeforce can only be inherited by sword, lance, axe, and beast units.
  • Ruptured Sky cannot be inherited by dragon, beast, or staff units.

Passive A Skill Restrictions

Passive B Skill Restrictions

Passive C Skill Restrictions

  • Hone/Fortify/Goad/Ward (unit type) can only be passed down to that unit type.
  • Armor March can only be passed down to armored units.
  • (weapon type) Experience/Valor can only be passed down to units using that weapon type.
  • Infantry Pulse, Infantry Rush, Infantry Flash, Infantry Breath, and Time's Pulse can only be passed down to infantry units.
  • Guidance, Flier Guidance, Air Orders, and Ground Orders can only be passed down to fliers.
  • Smoke skills cannot be passed down to staff users.
  • Rouse skills can only be passed down to infantry and cavalry units.
  • Infantry Hexblade can only be passed down to infantry tome users.
  • Oath skills can only be passed down to infantry and flying units.
  • Rein skills can only be passed down to flying units.
  • Savage Blow can be passed down to staff users (unlike Poison Strike), and will stack with Pain/Pain+. Similarly, Breath of Life can be passed down, and will stack with Absorb+.
  • Ostia's Pulse, With Everyone!, Surtr's Menace, Sparkling Boost, Glare, Upheaval, Human Virtue, Chaos Named, Solitary Dream, Divine Fang, and Vision of Arcadia cannot be inherited off of Hector (Marquess of Ostia), Tiki (Legendary Dragon), Surtr, Eir, Nailah, Duma, Roy (Blazing Lion), Yune, Tiki (Torpid Dragon), Naga, and Eliwood (Blazing Knight) respectively.