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The Insurrection of the Seven (七貴族の変 Nana Kizoku no Hen lit. The Seven Nobles’ Change) was a soft coup that occurred within the Adrestian Empire in Imperial Year 1171. The rebellion was provoked by the Emperor Ionius IX's policy of power centralization. In opposition, the Hrym family tried to split off from the Empire and join the Leicester Alliance in 1167. Working with House Ordelia, they raised an insurrection. The Empire suppressed it, the house’s main genetic line was wiped out, and a puppet leader was then installed in the Hrym territory. House Aegir was tasked with handling the actual governance of the region. Seeing this, the nobles feared that the Empire would assume total control. That's when the six great noble families chose to wrest power from Ionius IX.

Duke Aegir, backed by a cadre of other upstart Imperial nobles, stripped Emperor Ionius IX of much of his power, relegating him to a mere figurehead while the Duke became the true authority behind the throne.

The upheaval left a deep impression on the young Princess Edelgard. Her uncle, Lord Volkhard von Arundel, defected to the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus for three years at the onset of the Insurrection, taking Edelgard and her mother, Anselma von Arundel, with him.

It also caused great setbacks to the Hrym territory, as Duke Aegir subsequently ruled it by imposing harsh taxes upon the people, to the point of causing them to flee their homes in droves to the neighboring Ordelia territory, only to be sent back from where they came. Ferdinand remained unaware of this, as the Duke was adamant of his son not being involved with that land.

The eponymous nobles who instigated the Insurrection were all leading ministers of the Empire:

However, despite being called seven when there were only six families directly involved in the conflict, House Hrym's early role in resisting Emperor Ionius IX led to their inclusion among the six.


  • Despite being called the Insurrection of the Seven, the operation involved the Six Great Noble families (House Aegir, Gerth, Bergliez, Hevring, Varley and Vestra), House Arundel, and House Hrym, which put the total up to eight.