Premonition: Interwoven Destinies Edit

Opening Edit

(The scene opens up with an inter-dimensional portal in front of Lianna and Rowan, ready to fight)

  • Lianna: I won't let you defeat us! Your power is nothing compared to the bonds that connect us! Your madness ends here and now!
  • Rowan: Our friends—our world's counting on us! We won't let it be destroyed!

(Marth, Chrom, Ryoma, and Xander appear next to Rowan)

  • Rowan: Together...

(Corrin, Lucina, Robin, and Caeda appear next to Lianna)

  • Lianna: All of us...
  • Rowan and Lianna: ...shall win!

Battle Begins Edit

(If Lianna is main character)

  • Lianna: My time has come... I can't give up now, not after coming so far.

(If Rowan is main character)

  • Rowan: Let's get in there. To victory!
  • Marth: With everyone by my side, there is nothing to fear.

(Marth becomes playable)

  • Chrom: Your power is nothing compared to the bonds we've forged!

(Chrom becomes playable)

  • Corrin: He's right! Let's finish this together. The path of peace awaits us!

(Corrin becomes playable)

(As the battle finishes)

(If Lianna is main character)

(If Rowan is main character)

  • Rowan: I'll fight with all my heart. Chaos Dragon... I will defeat you!

After Battle Edit

(Flashes of future cutscenes play)

  • Rowan: No running away this time! Now, together, we can take on anything!
  • Lianna: Everything we've lost... We're going to take it all back!

(Scene ends as it fades to white)

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