Into The Ground (狭間へ沈みゆく, Hazama e shizumi yuku Sinking into the Ravine in the Japanese version) is Chapter 6 of Fire Emblem Fates in the Revelation Version. The Birthright-equivalent chapter is In the White Light with the Conquest-equivalent chapter is Embrace the Dark. This chapter takes place in the Plains of Hoshido.

Chapter SummaryEdit

The Avatar chooses not to side with Ryoma. Xander commends them, but they say they are not siding with Xander either. They say they cannot choose between them as they do not want to betray either side of the family. They plead the two to put their weapons down and find a solution together. Xander and Ryoma ignore the Avatar's words and move to engage each other. A battle begins with the Avatar overlooking the siblings fight. Azura remains with them, as their servant (Felicia/Jakob) rushes to join their side.

Wanting to catch their attention, the Avatar, Azura, and their servant decide to take down the forward commanders of both armies and succeed. Unfortunately, both Xander and Ryoma view the Avatar's actions are a deliberate act of betrayal. The Avatar, Azura, and their servant are labeled as traitors to be arrested immediately. Unable to convince either army to listen, Azura pulls the Avatar away from the battlefield into a nearby forest.

Needing a safe place to talk, Lilith then takes the Avatar to their special castle so they can discuss with Azura what their plan of action is. Azura tells them that she has something important to tell them, but will have to go to the Bottomless Canyon before she can reveal it. The Avatar agrees to follow her, having no other options.


The player simply needs to defeat the two enemy commanders within the turn limit in order to complete the map.

If the Avatar is male, Felicia will rejoin in this chapter while Jakob rejoins the female Avatar. The player will also temporarily lose the ability to use Kaze, Rinkah and Sakura until a later chapter.


The script for this chapter can be found here.


Secret Book (Artwork) The following part of this article contains strategy; therefore, it is subjective, and may not work for everyone.

The objective is to defeat both enemy commanders within 5 turns.

There are 3 enemy units on each side (excluding the four siblings on each side, as they do not take part in the battle) on Normal, 4 on Hard, and 5 on Lunatic. You will have control of the Avatar, Felicia/Jakob, and Azura.

On Normal and Hard, the Nohrian troops are Wyvern Riders, and will immediately fly over. The lead siblings (Xander/Ryoma) will not attack unless you enter their range. Once you've killed the enemy commander, Ryoma will tell the other Hoshidan units to "hold their positions," so they will no longer attack your units. Note that even after you defeat the enemy commander, if you enter Ryoma's range, he will attack. The same goes for Xander and the Nohrians.

On Lunatic, the Nohrian troops are replaced with other, non flying enemies, and will not move until you enter their range. To get to them, have the Avatar walk on the river, otherwise you enter Ryoma's attack range.