Sinking Inbetween (挾間へ沈みゆく Hasama e shizumi yuku) is Chapter 6 of Fire Emblem: Fates in the Revelation Version. Rinkah, Kaze, and Sakura temporarily leave the party at the beginning of this chapter until the end Chapter 8 for Kaze and Sakura, and until the beginning of Chapter 9 for Rinkah. Felicia/Jakob rejoins in this chapter.

Chapter Summary

The Avatar chooses not to side with Ryoma. Xander commends them, but they say they are not siding with Xander either. They say they cannot choose between them as they do not want to betray either side of the family. They plead the two to put their weapons down and find a solution together. Xander says he will talk some sense into the Avatar, but Ryoma moves to protect them. A battle begins with the Avatar overlooking the siblings fight. Azura remains with them, as their servant (Felicia/Jakob) rushes to join their side.

After the battle, both sides are still in shock at the Avatar's decision. Xander remarks on how he treated them like a true sibling, guilting them farther. Both sides announce that the Avatar is a traitor to them. Azura says the two aren't listening to matter what the Avatar says, and so they retreat.

Azura says both countries are now enemies, and that the Avatar must choose between them. They say they already chose a path—one where they side with neither army. Azura remarks her mother lost her life protecting Nohr, and likely had no regrets having protected something she loved. Azura feels that this is a sign, and resolves to travel with the Avatar.

Lilith then takes the Avatar to their special castle.


Secret Book (Artwork)
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The objective is to defeat both enemy commanders within 5 turns.

There are 3 units on each side (excluding the four siblings on each side, as they do not take part in the battle) on Normal, 4 on Hard, and 5 on Lunatic.

On Normal and Hard, the Nohrian troops are Wyvern Riders, and will immediately fly over. On Lunatic, the Nohrian troops are replaced with other, non flying enemies, and will not move until you enter their range.

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