Ilma (イルマ Iruma) is a character that appeared unnamed in Fire Emblem Gaiden and reappeared in its remake, Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia by the name of "Ilma".


Ilma is a Cleric in service of the Earth Mother Mila at Mila Temple. After defeating Grieth, Ilma is freed from a jail cell by Celica and is revealed to know her mother, Liprica, the late queen of Zofia. She further expounds that Liprica was forced into marriage with Lima IV and later suffered from illness in which she died after giving birth to Celica. Celica starts tearing up while Ilma attempts to comfort her, then laments about the circlet belonging to Liprica being missing.

When Mila Temple is liberated, Ilma will mention Lipirca's circlet once more. Afterwards the Masked Knight will reveal the aforementioned circlet in his possession and bestow it to Celica, promoting her to Princess.


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