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“I am a knight of Pherae. I will carry out my duty and return safely.”

Isadora is a playable character in Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade. She is a female Paladin in service to house Pherae. She is a steward to Lord Eliwood's mother Eleanora and remained in Pherae with her until she was told to go help Eliwood. Isadora is a daughter of a noble family and the only female among the knights of Pherae.

She studies to be a lady and was engaged to her fellow knight Harken, but their relationship is not exempt from trouble. Additionally, she can have a paired ending with the thief Legault or the bishop Renault if they reach A support level.

In Game

Description: A paladin in service to House Pherae. Modest and polite.

Base Stats

Starting ClassAffinity
FE8 Paladin Map Sprite.gif PaladinGBADark.gif Dark
WeaponStarting Items
Sword.gif Sword - A
Lance.gif Lance - B
Axe.gif Axe - D
Silversword.gifSilver Sword
Shortspear.gifShort Spear
Angelicrobe.gifAngelic Robe

Growth Rates

HP S/M Skl Spd Lck Def Res
75% 30% 35% 50% 45% 20% 25%

Other Supports

See also: Isadora/Supports


Secret Book (Artwork).png
Subjective: The following part of this article is based upon the editor's personal experiences and opinions, and therefore may not be applicable for all readers.

Isadora is a pre-promoted Paladin that joins the player's army in the chapter Kinship's Bond. As a pre-promote she will not have needed a rare Knight Crest to access her advanced class. Isadora's stats in Strength and Speed are notable for her join time and level, and alongside her high B rank in Lances and A rank in Swords give her a respectable starting offense against the enemies in her joining chapter and beyond. She also has the advantages of her class, as Paladin's high movement and mounted status allows her a high degree of maneuverability and potential utility that foot bound units do not have.

Isadora has a number of weaknesses however. She has mediocre physical durability for her joining level, with low base stats in HP and Defense. While her full use of the Weapon triangle will allow her to lessen the damage she will take from combat, she will remain the least durable of the paladins in the game overall. She also has a very low con stat of 6, which will cause her to lose Speed when wielding most weapons in the game. Her high Speed and the low Speed of enemies will nonetheless enable her to double attack reliably, but heavier weapons such as Axes will give her difficulties unless the player uses the rare Body Ring on her.

While Isadora has the least impressive long term prospects of the potential Paladins, especially those of Sain and Kent, her lack of a required investment and her well rounded class make her a solid filler unit in the player's army, and she can be used alongside the other Paladins if the player wishes.


Death quote

“Harken... Where are you? I... I can't see anything...”
—Death Quote

Final Chapter: Light quote

“My pride shall not be broken! My strength holds true!”
—Final Chapter Quote

Possible Endings

Isadora - Escort of Pherae
As a knight of the imperial guard, Isadora served as guard to Lady Eleanora. She continued to study to be a lady up until she wed.
Isadora and Harken
They were married shortly after returning to Pherae. Their love grew during their years of service, and now it blossomed with the blessings of Eliwood and Eleanora. Many envied their good fortune.
Isadora and Legault
After the war, Isadora went to Pherae, and Legault went to Bern. Though they traveled different paths, they stayed in each other's hearts. They met again ten years later on the battlefield, as enemies.
Isadora and Renault
Renault simply vanished after the battle. Isadora, now alone, returned to Pherae, as a member of the imperial guard. Years later, she entered the service of Elimine, hoping to find answers in the clergy.

Choose Your Legends Placement History

Round Placement Character Version Votes

CYL1 456
The Blazing Blade
CYL2 490
The Blazing Blade
CYL3 saw the transition to different counting mechanisms involving versions of characters and ties, so change measured between CYL2 and CYL3 shouldn't be taken at face value.
CYL3 395
The Blazing Blade
CYL4 397
The Blazing Blade
CYL5 339
The Blazing Blade

CYL6 346
The Blazing Blade


'Isadora' means 'gift of Isis,' from the Egyptian goddess 'Isis' and the Greek 'doron' meaning 'gift.'

'Isadora' can also be a variant of Isolda, a fictional Irish princess who fell in love with an English knight, Tristain.


  • A villager describes Isadora as having "emerald eyes", though her eyes are actually blue.
  • Isadora and Harken are based off Midia and Astram, since Midia and Isadora are both blue-haired paladins who are in love with blonde heroes, Astram and Harken respectively.
  • If Lowen recruits Harken in Pale Flower of Darkness, during their recruitment talk Lowen will erroneously refer to her as "Isabella".
  • Isadora is the only female character able to use axes in Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade.