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Istoria (イストリア Isutoria) is a location from TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga. It is a kingdom that is situated in the northern area of Lieberia. During the Balt War, it formed an alliance with the Zoa Empire and thereafter invaded Marl, which it occupies until Richard reclaims the palace from Prince Ronald's army. It also invaded its other neighbors, one of which was Venette. Princess Tia of Leda was held as a prisoner in Istoria until Ronald defied the will of his father, King Guiness, and allowed her to escape. During the game's events, it is engaged in a war with the Leda Alliance Army, which eventually defeats it.

Known People from Istoria[]

  • Guiness - The ambitious and treacherous king of Istoria.
  • Ronald - The prince of Istoria and Guiness's son.
  • Aldo - The lover of Krisheena who was assassinated by Vega.
  • Krisheena - A swordfighter searching for the ☆Dakruon.


  • Like Barge, Istoria is not depicted on the world map of Lieberia, nor it is ever visited in-game.