“...Sir Orson. I am sorry for this, but please give me your weapons. If I am mistaken, then I will give you all due apologies. However, there are questions I have that I cannot answer. Too many questions. Why did no enemy reinforcements come from the castle during our battle outside? Why would you escape your cell and yet leave Prince Ephraim in chains? How do you know the tie between the bracelets and the Sacred Stone? And why... do you conceal a blade within your doublet?”
Seth, to Orson

It's a Trap! is Chapter 8 of Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones, and the final chapter of Eirika's beginning story. In this chapter Eirika reunites with Ephraim, after being trapped to fight in Castle Renvall. It is in this chapter that it is revealed that Orson was the one who betrayed Ephraim.

  • Note that in order to unlock Song 39, Reunion, in the Sound Room, you must have Eirika and Ephraim talk to each other in this chapter.





  • Turn 5: 3 Cavaliers from the south west
  • Once you pass the broken wall to the north west, or get close to the area south of the throne room (from the north east), reinforcements will appear the following turn: 2 Mages, one from the north east and one from the north west, and a Thief from the stairs directly south of the throne room.

Notes Edit

Remember to remove any items in Eirika/Ephraim's inventory that you want to keep in the other's campaign before seizing the throne, as said items will not be sent to the supply cart afterwards. This can cause you to miss out on promotion items, stat boosters or the like if you're not careful.

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