“I should still be able to aim for even higher places...”

Itsuki Aoi (蒼井樹) is the protagonist of Genei Ibun Roku ♯FE and one of the game's playable characters. His Japanese voice actor is Ryuhei Kimura.


Itsuki is a Japanese high school student that lives in Tokyo. A Mirage Master, he comes to form a bond with the Mirage Chrom and works at Fortuna Entertainment. His birthday is July 30th. has a blood type of A, stands at 175 cm (5 feet, 7 inches), and weighes at 63 kgs (139 ibs).


Itsuki is described by the game's official website as being honest and responsible, but also quiet and unsociable. Though he works at Fortuna Entertainment, he has no strong aspirations to become an entertainer himself.


Itsuki's surname, Aoi, is the Japanese word for blue. Blue is also the hair color of most Lords in the Fire Emblem series.



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