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The interior of Castle Izumo is a location featured in Fire Emblem Fates.


It is the residence of the archduke of Izumo, Izana. Parties often take place in the castle due to his colorful personality.


Corrin and their Hoshidan allies enter Izumo castle after the guards let them inside to speak with "Izana". "Izana" arrives and tries to throw a party. He takes Corrin and Sakura to a supposed "relaxation room". "Izana" drops his disguise and reveals himself as Zola, and prepares to kill them but is stopped by Hinoka, Kaze and Saizo. After the battle, Zola attempts to flee but is stopped by Leo, who prepares to execute him. However, Corrin persuades Leo to exile Zola instead, which he does before leaving.

The Hoshidans later free Izana who shows off his colorful personality. He asks them if they would like to stay and have a party, which Corrin kindly denies. Corrin tells him if he can find Takumi and Ryoma. Izana uses his powers and tells them that he does not know where they are but assures the Hoshidan siblings that they are still alive before saying farewell.


Corrin and their Nohrian allies enter Izumo for a chance to relax, as Izumo is a neutral nation after war between Hoshido and Nohr break out. They find the Hoshidan siblings at Izumo. Although both groups are slightly surprised, they do not battle as they honor Izumo's neutrality. "Izana" arrives and takes the Hoshidan siblings into a supposed "relaxation room", locking them inside a torture room instead and revealing himself as Zola. However, the Nohrian siblings arrive, stopping Zola and his troops as he violated Izumo's neutrality. Zola attempts to beg for mercy but is executed by Leo as he would told Garon that his children stopped his plan to capture the Hoshidans.


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