Jacharam (ゴルドヴァ, Yākāramu) is an antagonist in TearRing Saga: Berwick Saga. He is one of the Four Archbishops and one of the principal leaders of the Raze Empire forces invading Veria.


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Shortly before the events of the game, Jacharam quietly murders Herman, a Verian count who served as an advisor King Volcens and the previous king, Mordias IV. Throughout the game, Jacharam is disguised as Herman as a sleeper agent under orders of Pope Urbanus. Taking advantage of Volcens's vanity and lack of leadership skills, Jacaharam flatters the king's ego while simultaneously offering him bad advice on defending Veria.

During Chapter 1, Reese meets with Volcens, who nurses a grudge towards Reese's father Bernstol. Throughout the game, Herman exploits Volcens' ire towards Reese and his kin. When Reese is deployed, Herman frequently suggests assigning restrictive time tables for the Chinon Knights to fulfill their mission or else be treated as deserters and killed on sight, though Reese is able to meet all of them.

At the end of the game, Jacharam betrays Volcens and takes over Narvia. He reveals his true identity to Volcens once Chaos is killed and the door to the throne room is unlocked. Realizing his mistake, Volcens attacks the Archbishop but fails to wound him and dies. He then has Volcens' sister Sienna jailed with Roswick and Roderick and orders their executions while he confronts the Chinon Knights. However, Reese kills the executioner and Jacharam dies in the struggle.

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Boss Stats

Starting Class
Raze Bishop
3039018910 (+15)
SkillsWeaponStarting Items
Fire - 30
Wind - 30
Thunder - 30
Dark - 60
Darkness Ring


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Jacharam is basically like Veld in that reaching him is much harder than actually fighting him. In front of him are a squad of Gigas Knights and Snipers, the latter of which are all armed with Sniper Bows and the Overwatch skill, along with deadly arrows like the Raijin and Killer arrows. Units who engage with this guard can be easily intercepted by the two Dark Knights standing on the horizontal edges of the room, both of whom are armed with the dangerous Sensual and Grimhild swords. Surrounding him are a group of Raze Priests, one of whom is armed with Black Meteor, while several others have Dark Heal. Jacharam himself can limit the player's approach because he is armed with Berserk, and he covers a large section of the room with it.

Saphira's Silence ability makes the process of reaching Jacharam somewhat easier, as it prevents Jacharam from using Berserk and his Raze Priests from healing for two turns. Unlike Cordova and Rasputin, Jacharam has Bowbreaker, so attacking him with Sherlock is not advised. The quickest way of defeating him is to use Reese with the Lord Gram while standing next to Lynette, as he has a high chance of activating Adept and always lands a critical on each successful strike, making it very likely that Reese will ORKO him. In the unlikely event that Faye has capped strength, she can also ORKO Jacharam using Astra with the Vritra and Giant's Brace equipped. Otherwise, Dean is your second best option for killing him.


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