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Jade is a character from Fire Emblem Engage. She is one of Diamant's retainers.


Jade is a royal knight from Brodia, and Diamant's retainer. Originally from a mining town, she grew up as the middle child of five siblings, with a father that worked as a gemologist, and a mother who was an artisan. She worked as a guard for the town, defending the local mine from bandits and earning the moniker "Iron Wall". Her stout defenses caught the attention of a royal soldier who encouraged her to enter a fighting tournament. During the tournament, Jade made it to the finals where she fought Amber, an upcoming aspiring knight. She defeated him, and due to their performance in the finals, was recruited alongside Amber to be Prince Diamant's retainers.

Shortly after King Hyacinth of Elusia called out King Morion to the Brodia-Elusia border to a duel, Jade was assigned as a border guard near the Fort on the Border. Jade was among the stationed soldiers who witnessed King Morion's capture and the subsequent assault on the boarder lead by Elusia's Crown Princess Ivy. Jade held out as much as she could until Diamant, the Divine Dragon Alear, and their forces arrived on the boarder to repel the Elusian army. Either by talking to Alear or Diamant, Jade joins the Divine Dragon's army.


Jade maintains an air of calmness and seriousness as she faithfully fulfills her duty as a soldier of Brodia and most importantly, a retainer to Prince Diamant. By her own admission, she has difficulty expressing her emotions visibly, but does truly appreciate her allies and people who take time to converse with her. Her stalwart demeanor earned her a reputation as an impenetrable force, aptly earning her the moniker "Iron Wall." This also makes her utterly fearless as she courageously infiltrated and squashed a gang of bandits who held a grudge against her by herself and suffered few injuries in the skirmish. To keep herself centered, Jade enjoys meditation.

Despite her stone-faced demeanor, Jade is surprisingly humorous and cheerful. She is an avid novelist and writes comedies during her free time. She often takes inspiration from her more eccentric allies in the army and is observant of their qualities and quirks. Her most popular books are inspired by her fellow retainer, Amber, which, though they do highlight his occasional mishaps in comedic fashion, also depict his more positive qualities, demonstrating Jade's tasteful tact in her allies' depictions. Her stories are well-regarded amongst her allies, with Diamant always looking forward to her next story installments and Lindon, who has claimed to have read every book in Elyos, stating that her novels are some of the funniest things he has ever read.


Prince Diamant's retainer. A warrior of few words who always keeps her wits about her.

Base Stats[]

Starting ClassBattle Style
JadeFE17SpriteAxe ArmorArmored
EmblemSkillsWeaponStarting Items
-FE17 Meditation IconMeditationFE17 AxeAxe - BSteelAxeFE17SpriteSteel Axe

Growth Rates[]

HP Bld Str Mag Dex Spd Def Res Lck
55% 10% 35% 25% 35% 30% 40% 30% 20%


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Secret Book (Artwork)
Subjective: The following part of this article is based upon the editor's personal experiences and opinions, and therefore may not be applicable for all readers.

Jade is the second base Armor Knight recruited and the last unit the player can receive before the first pre-promotes begin to appear. Unfortunately, despite the dramatic increase in power level set to occur shortly after her join time, her initial impression leaves a lot to be desired. Compared to Louis, her most direct competition as an Armor, Jade's bases in HP, Strength and Defense are substantially worse at an equivalent level, making her the worse physical tank of the two. Her Speed and Resistance (especially with her Personal Skill, Meditation) are higher, but the high weight of Axes and her lower health means most Mages will still cripple her anyway. Her overall growth rates are average and relatively balanced, including a surprisingly high Magic, making her a potential candidate for a reclass, but her unfortunate join time and mediocre stat spread make her a low priority for early Master Seal and Second Seal investment, and even then she will generally be inferior to specialized units that join both before and after her.

Her starting class, Axe Armor, naturally promotes into General, which doubles down on her starting niche and can make her an acceptable physical tank later on, though she will always be behind Louis in this regard and the poor mobility of General starts to become more meaningful at the stage of the game where she joins as prepromoted units become increasingly common. Great Knight is an alternative to fix her mobility, but the game already provides a prepromoted Great Knight recruit in the form of Bunet just two chapters later, with roughly equivalent stats and no Master Seal required. She can be a candidate for a reclass given her flexible growth rates, including to more magic-based or mixed attacking roles given her acceptable magic growth, but she will usually need additional help to get up to an acceptable level of performance no matter what class she takes.

For Emblem Rings, Jade synergizes predominantly with defensive rings to take advantage of her more balanced defensive statistics. The Ring of the Radiant Hero can help to shore up her weakness to mages and can make her an acceptable user of Great Aether against a large force of mixed physical and magical attackers. The Ring of the Holy Knight can greatly aid her mobility issues and provides her with valuable Dexterity, Build and Hit Rate + to wield axes with, though the ring may not be available for the majority of her use time. Finally, The Ring of the Sage Lord can be a reasonable ring on Jade to turn her into an enemy-phase specialist, as she has the Magic to be able to wield Light Brand and do damage with it, especially if she is reclassed to a mixed offensive role such as Mage Knight.

Overall, Jade suffers from a mediocre statline and starting class and suffers from the higher quality of units that join in the chapters around her, leaving her with very little to offer. Though she is not irredeemably bad with investment, she will generally struggle to make a significant impression in most runs, and as such unless she is replacing a unit that was previously lost, she sees little play.

Gift List[]

Gift Name Type of Gift Description
Muscle Balm Favorite Apply to muscles after working out to avoid soreness. Favored by fans of training and exercise.
Animal Treats Favorite A tightly sealed bottle of pungent treats that will draw all kinds of creatures. Favored by animal fans.
Fairy-Tale Book Favorite A picture book containing many short and wondrous tales. Favored by fans of reading and fairy tales.
Poetry Book Favorite A diverse book of poetry including submissions from the public. Favored by fans of reading and daydreaming.
Elyos History Favorite A thick book detailing the history of Elyos and its regions. Favored by fans of reading and studying.
Butterfly Net Favorite A light and long-handled net made especially for catching bugs. Favored by fans of animals and bugs.
Sun Visor Favorite The visor protects the face and neck from sunburn. Favored by fans of exercise and walks as well.
Bear Carving Favorite The realistic details make this wooden ornament shine. Favored by fans of animals and cute things.
Fine Quill Pen Favorite A one-of-a-kind quill pen made from a rare bird’s feather. Favored by fans of luxury, studying, and writing.
Field Guide Favorite A thick encyclopedia detailing all kinds of creatures. Favored by fans of animals and bugs.
Spirit Gem Favorite A gem that shines with many colors. Found only in the Somniel, especially near Sommie. Favored by all.
Strong Perfume Disliked A small bottle of perfume made from the essence of fruit and flowers. Favored by fans of fashion.
Quality Kerchief Disliked A fancy handkerchief made from shiny, hand-woven cloth. Favored by fans of luxury, cleaning, and fashion.
Playing Cards Disliked Picture cards used for various group games. Favored by children and fans of parties and games.
Lovely Candle Disliked An exclusive candle etched by hand with an elaborate design. Favored by fans of fashion, lucury, and parties.
Horse Manure Disliked Ordinary horse manure. That’s it. You could technically give it to someone, but why would you?


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Possible Endings[]

Iron Wall Jade
Jade celebrated Diamant's rise to the Brodian throne with pride, and further dedicated herself to Brodia as a knight of the king.
She always found time to write, despite her busy schedule, and managed to complete over 100 humor novels in her lifetime, all celebrated as masterpieces.
Jade and Alear
Alear became the new Divine Dragon Monarch. His/Her bonds with the rulers of each nation resulted in a lasting peace.
Jade protected the castle, trained royal knights, and wrote many stories about the Divine Dragon Monarch. Her novels kept finding new fans, even a century later.

Choose Your Legends Placement History[]

Round Placement Character Version Votes


CYL8 136 CYL Jade Portrait


Jade is a mineral commonly used as jewelry or ornamentation, most notably in China. It is known for being a green mineral, though it can come in yellow or white as well.


  • Jade shares her English voice actress, Katelyn Gault, with Tanith from the Tellius Series and Ladislava from the Fódlan Series.
  • Jade being the middle child of five is only mentioned in her Ally Notebook in the Japanese version.
  • Jade's ring size, according to the Ally Notebook, is 6 | M.
    • She shares her ring size with Alfred.


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