Battle ConversationsEdit

Chapter 26Edit

Vs. UrsulaEdit

  • Ursula: I cannot understand you. You serve perfection in the form of our masters. Yet you abandon such happiness?
  • Jaffar: ......I ensure that Nino lives. That's all.

Chapter 26xEdit

Vs. SoniaEdit

  • Jaffar: Here I come.
  • Sonia: Ingrate! You owe your life to Lord Nergal! You and that girl, you're nothing but filth! But it matters not, as long as your essence remains intact. No other part of you now has any value.

Chapter 27Edit

Vs. LloydEdit

  • Lloyd: The "Angel of Death." Since the day I met you, I've always wondered... If we met in straight combat, who of us would win?
  • Jaffar: ......
  • Lloyd: I think it's time that question was answered.

Vs. LinusEdit

  • Linus: Jaffar!! You traitorous scum!
  • Jaffar: ......
  • Linus: Repent your sins, Jaffar! I bring you the Fang's justice!

Final ChapterEdit

Vs. NergalEdit

  • Jaffar: ......
  • Nergal: Hmph... It's you, Jaffar? Turning your sword against me, your master? Do you forget who raised you? You are worthless.
  • Jaffar: ...Wrong. I am a man.
  • Nergal: Oh, really? If so, then I will give you a man's death!

Tactician ConversationEdit

“Do you need something, Mark? That's right. They're Black Fang. The man he named, like me, is one of the Four Fangs. He's an assassin, my equal... or better... ......”
—Jaffar's Tactician Conversation in Chapter 29 (Hector's Story).

Miscellaneous QuotesEdit

“There were countless corpses stacked one on top of the other... And there, atop of the bodies, they found a lone infant sleeping... You. You are death incarnate. You feel nothing, fear nothing, desire nothing... You kill. Nothing more. Angel of Death... The perfect name.”
—Legault talking about Jaffar in a support conversation
“I am a corpse. I have been dead since the day I was born.”
—Jaffar's initial response to Nino's care for him

Final Chapter QuoteEdit

—Jaffar's Final Chapter Quote in The Blazing Blade

Death QuoteEdit

“And so it ends...”
—Jaffar's Death Quote in The Blazing Blade
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