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“Listen up, all of you. This is our last chance to die as we've lived. As proud soldiers of the empire. If we survive this fight, imprisonment and a hushed-up execution await us. If we run from this fight, dishonor and pursuit will dog our miserable days. So I say, let's give those Daein curs a fight to remember, and let the glory of our deaths light our way! We've lived as proud soldiers of the empire! Let us die as proud soldiers of the empire! Now GO!”
—Jarod's last speech to his army in Part 1, Endgame

Jarod is a boss character from Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. As the main antagonist of Part One, Jarod was the commander of the Begnion Occupational Army in Daein. He formerly served in the personal army of the Duke Numida as the Duke's personal general.


Jarod was first seen killing a Begnion soldier for not catching the Dawn Brigade and later killing three citizens out of the body of citizens that blocked the Begnion soldiers from chasing the Dawn Brigade (they stood down immediately). He answers only to Numida, one of the more powerful senators of Begnion.

Once Empress Sanaki heard about the situation in Daein, Numida betrayed Jarod, pinning all the blame on him. After hearing this, he decided to make a "last stand" and tried to kill Daein's only hope - Micaiah. However, before he strikes, the Black Knight warps in front of Micaiah, protecting her. After being, apparently struck down, it is revealed that Alder, a firm believer in Jarod, took the blow for him, which killed him. Alder stated before he passed on that although Jarod participated in inhumane acts and did unbearably cruel things, he (Alder) always sensed that Jarod wasn't all evil and that there was a kindred spirit buried beneath him (Jarod). The Black Knight then refuses to strike at Jarod again, stating that his "sword is not made for killing those who will not raise their weapons".

Jarod is killed in Nevassa, in Daein Keep when the Daein Liberation Army takes control over Nevassa back after Jarod remorselessly destroys Nevassa as one last act of defiance. He is well known for the motivating speech given to the soldiers defending Daein Keep.

In Game

Boss Stats

Starting ClassAffinity
FE10 Jarod Halberdier Sprite.png HalberdierFE10Thunder.png Thunder
SkillsWeaponStarting Items
Critical 5.png Critical +5
Shove.png Shove
FE10 Lance.gif Lance - BFE10shortspear.png Short Spear
FE10concoction.png Concoction


RD Biorhythm J.jpg

Battle Conversations

Part 1, Chapter 9

  • Vs. Micaiah

Micaiah: General Jarod! Your occupation army has caused untold suffering to the people of Daein... The time has come! You must atone for your deeds!
Jarod: As if I should care one whit about the wretched worms I trample!

  • Vs. The Black Knight

Jarod: I see you're pretty impressed with yourself!
Black Knight: Did you think the likes of you could be a worthy opponent for me? Know your place.

Part 1, Endgame

  • Default

Jarod: So, you have the audacity to approach me at last. Don't expect an easy fight. Before I die, I will see each of you dead before me.

  • Vs. Micaiah

Jarod: So it's you... little girl.
Micaiah: General Jarod, the battle is over. Surely you can see it. You never believed Daein could do it, did you? But here you stand, broken, defeated by my countrymen and friends.
Jarod: Have I really, I wonder? Didn't I tell you? With you dead, there is no "Liberation Army". This is my golden opportunity. One blow is all it takes to turn defeat to victory. Such a lovely thought.
Micaiah: I will not lose to you. More importantly, the people of Daein will not lose to you!

Jarod: That face... I remember you. The kid who's always with that little wench.
Sothe: Sothe, of the Dawn Brigade.
Jarod: The Dawn Brigade, hm? Oh, how I despise your ilk. The thought of draining the life from your body... It makes me tingle all over.
Sothe: Ditto.

  • Vs. The Black Knight

Jarod: Well well well. Look what we have here. The loathsome phantom of old Daein... Why in blazes are you here? What inspired you to slooooowly clank your way up out of your grave?
Black Knight: My purpose is not for you to know.
Jarod: Oh. I feel so rejected. Must I crack that helm open and ask your ugly, naked face directly!? I have to take vengeance for Alder's death, after all!
Black Knight: This is how you meet your death? Sad. Come at me then, and join your friend.

Jarod: So, sub-human, the slave turns on the master? I'll teach you to know your betters!

Jarod: You're one, aren't you? One of those odd sub-humans that witch brought... You'll make a nice rug!

Jarod: A heron? One of you survived? How sad. On the plus side, if I take you back home, the money will set me up for life!

  • Defeat

Jarod: Gh-ghuahh... I am... sorry for nothing. I regret... nothing. Because I did it my way... You win, Priestess. You must be delighted. Enjoy it while you can... Because... sooner or later... you...

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