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“Hyaah! I'll chop you all up into tiny, little pieces!”
—Jerme's battle quote

Jerme is an antagonist from Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade and is a member of the Black Fang, known as the Death Kite.

He used to be the greatest assassin in all of the Black Fang, being one of the Four Fangs himself, but was replaced by Jaffar when Nergal took control of the organization. As such, Jerme holds a deep-seated hatred for Jaffar and remains bitter over how things turned out.

Jerme is a psychopath who joined Nergal due to his love of killing. He does not expressly agree with what Nergal is planning, but could not care less as long as he got to "feed his blade".


Jerme is the boss of one of the two possible versions of the chapter "Pale Flower of Darkness". His version is played if the physical units are higher-leveled than the magic units. He uses the Light Brand.

He appears as a morph in the last chapter, this time wielding a Runesword.

In both of his encounters Jerme cannot use Silencer due to the fact that both times he is fought, he uses a weapon that cannot critical.


Jerme is an evil and arrogant man. His only desire is to kill as many people as he can to sanctify his psychotic needs; especially his blade. He harbors a deep love of killing; he wonders aloud if Lyn's flesh, cut to ribbons, would be as soft as silk.


Pale Flower of Darkness[]

* Dropped upon defeat


* Dropped upon defeat


First Encounter[]

  • Jerme: Oh here you are! How delicious! My blade shall feast well tonight, won't it?
  • Eliwood: Oh!!
  • Jerme: Now, Wait! Hold it! There are some nasty ones mixed in with the rest. Mustn't get one of them. Might ruin my sword's appetite. You don't mind, do you? If I do it this way?
  • Eliwood: That's...
  • Lyndis: Eliwood! There's no reason to treat with that mad man!! We must find the exit…
  • Jerme: You! Woman! You have beautiful skin. If I sliced you into lovely red ribbons with this, would the pieces be as soft and delicate as silk?
  • Lyndis: You...
  • Nils: It's no good! Something's blocking our way. We can't get out!!!
  • Ninian: I can feel an evil power emanating from every foe here. If we don't defeat them all, the barrier will hold strong.
  • Jerme: Hyaa ha ha ha haaa! That's Lord Nergal's doing! He knows how much I like to slice through people. He lets me do it as often as I want, which really is all the time. He's after something he calls 'quintessence'… I care nothing for it, but… as long as he keeps bringing me people to slash and cut! I am Jerme! The finest assassin the Black Fang has ever known! Now come! My blade hungers!!

Death Quote[]

“G-Gwaah... It hurts... These...cuts...”
—Jerme's death quote


  • In the prototype build, Jerme is a Swordmaster.
  • He is the same level as Jaffar when Jaffar joins.
  • In the GBA games, he's the only enemy Assassin.