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“I am the heir of Loptous's kin, and the inheritor of his limitless power. This world belongs rightfully to me.”

Julius is the main antagonist in the second generation of Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War. He is the son of Arvis and Deirdre, who were deliberately brought together by Manfroy in order to ensure that they would deliver the reincarnation of Loptous as their offspring. He is also the older twin brother of Julia, the half-brother of Saias and Seliph, and the grandson of Victor, Cigyun and Kurth.

Through the blood of Heim, he is a distant relative of Linoan. Through the blood of Fjalar, he is a distant relative of Hilda and her children, Ishtore and Ishtar, the latter of whom is his lover.


Despite merely being the imperial prince, Julius is the main ruler of the Empire, as Arvis is powerless to stop his actions. This is essentially due to Azmur's dying request for Arvis to allow his son to take control of the Empire when he reached a suitable age.

Before the beginning of the Second Generation, Manfroy bestows upon Julius the tome of Loptous, which corrupts Julius and leads him to take over the Grannvale Empire. During this time, Julius begins to destroy all traces of Heim's descendants, including killing his mother Deirdre and hunting down his twin sister Julia. Julius is also responsible for the horrific Child Hunts that take place both in the events of Genealogy of the Holy War and Fire Emblem: Thracia 776, in which children are brutally trialed and brainwashed to serve Loptous.

Julius eventually makes his last stand in Belhalla, where alongside his twelve Deadlords, he faces off against the Liberation Army led by his half-brother Seliph. After his defeat, Loptous dissipates into nothingness. If Seliph deals the finishing blow, Julius warns him that he will return so long as humans are controlled by greed. If Julia does it, he curses Naga for defeating him again. If any other unit deals the finishing blow, Julius simply delivers an anguished cry of defeat.


Julius' character as an individual is not explicitly revealed throughout the course of the game, as his actions are strongly influenced or even controlled by Loptous. Under the influence of Loptous, Julius is an extremely cold and cruel individual with a very high opinion of himself and his abilities. However, several elements of Julius' original state are implied, as can be seen in the case of his relationship with Ishtar, whom he seems to harbor true affections for.

Julius appears to genuinely be in love with Ishtar, who seems to be the only person that he actually cares for. He has been shown to express jealousy towards other male individuals getting close to her, as can be seen in Thracia 776, whereby he comments on how he dislikes Reinhardt and the manner in which he gazes upon Ishtar.

During the Final Chapter, it is revealed by Julia that Julius was once a very kind and caring brother before he was corrupted by the tome of Loptous.


Genealogy of the Holy War[]


  • Minor Holy Blood Indicator - Minor Holy Blood
  • FE4 Loptous Holy Blood - Major Loptous Blood


Secret Book (Artwork)
Subjective: The following part of this article is based upon the editor's personal experiences and opinions, and therefore may not be applicable for all readers.

Julius is fought very differently in his two encounters. In Chapter 10, he has capped magic and a Leg Ring, but he is missing Nihil. It is more than sufficient to simply defeat Ishtar to make him leave the battlefield. If the player so wishes to fight him, he/she will need to be able to land several critical hits upon Julius, as the effect of his Loptous tome still renders him almost-invincible. Alternatively, he will also leave the battlefield with Ishtar if either of them manages to take down any of the player's units or a berserked enemy, or if the player seizes the Miletos Castle. There are potentially two approaches to this: you can draw out both Julius and Ishtar by placing one unit in Julius's range; or you could have your Dancer just out of Julius's range, then send her in and Dance some mounted units far enough to take Miletos or take out Ishtar. In the former tactic, perhaps the best candidate to draw out Julius is Shannan: with the Balmung boosting his Speed to tremendous heights, positioning him in a forest to boost Avoid, and supported by units with Charm and Seliph's leadership stars, Shannan becomes very unlikely for Julius to hit. Ishtar is then easily defeated by a Forseti user or Ares.

In the Final Chapter, Julius does not move due to him guarding Belhalla Castle. In this encounter, Julius' magic has been reduced to 25, but as a result of possessing the Meteor tome and the Nihil skill, taking him down is made that much harder. To top it all off, 12 Deadlords protect Julius from harm, and may prove to be rather formidable foes.

After the Deadlords are defeated, position Julia in such a way that she is supported by the Charm skill and Seliph before engaging Julius in a battle with the Book of Naga. If Julia had somehow fallen prior to the battle against Julius, it is thus recommended to equip both Seliph and Ares with Power Rings, before utilizing the duo to engage Julius in battle. They're the only units in the game who have both Resistance to withstand hits from Loptous and enough Power to do more than 1 damage. While Febail and Altena technically have higher attack power, Febail lacks Canto, and both have low Resistance, meaning a Critical hit will spell their doom. As the game is programmed to always have Julius attack Seliph when he is in front of him, it is thus recommended for Seliph to be positioned at the entrance of the Castle of Belhalla at all times. This will essentially prevent Julius from attacking any other units with the Meteor spell.

  • Note: A glitch may occur in the Final Chapter, whereby defeating Julius with a character who can continue to move a few spaces before ending his/her turn results in said character's total loss tally to drastically increase. This will have a negative impact on the player's overall Combat Ranking at the end of the game

If the player fails to recruit Julia, or she is dead, an alternative strategy can be used to kill Julius. If you manage to Berserk Gallus (with the Berserk Edge/Berserk Staff), he has about a 33% chance to reduce Julius' HP to 1, at which point he can be killed with anything (as attacks do a minimum of 1 damage as long as they hit and do not trigger Pavise). Be sure to eliminate the other deadlords beforehand and make sure that Julius is the only thing Gallus can attack when he goes Berserk. Needless to say, savescumming using mid-chapter saves is likely needed.

Fire Emblem Awakening[]


Starting Class
FE13 NPC Generic Sorcerer (M) Map SpriteSorcerer
SkillsWeaponStarting Items

Vengeance (FE13)Vengeance
Magic Slayer IconTomebreaker

Wrath (FE13)Wrath
TomeIconFE13Tome - AGoetia FE13 IconGoetia*

*Enemy only, joins unequipped

Fire Emblem Heroes[]

Scion of Darkness
Prince of the Grannvale Empire. Was once a kind boy but suddenly came to have a cruel nature. Appears in Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War.

Base Stats[]

Heroes Julius SpriteTitle
Scion of Darkness
Heroes Infantry Infantry
FEH skill offense RuinFEH Fire Tome Tome
Heroes Julius SpriteTitle
Scion of Darkness
Heroes Infantry Infantry
FEH skill offense Fenrir
FEH skill special Dragon Gaze
FEH Fire Tome Tome
Heroes Julius Sprite (Loptous)Title
Scion of Darkness
Heroes Infantry Infantry
FEH skill offense Loptous
FEH skill special Dragon Gaze
FEH Fire Tome Tome


FEH skill offenseFlux---
Ruin-FEH Star Rarity 3-
FenrirRuinFEH Star Rarity 4FEH Star Rarity 3
LoptousFenrir-FEH Star Rarity 5
FEH skill specialDragon Gaze-FEH Star Rarity 4FEH Star Rarity 3
Draconic AuraDragon Gaze-FEH Star Rarity 4
BFEH Guard 1 Guard 1-FEH Star Rarity 3
FEH Guard 2 Guard 2FEH Guard 1 Guard 1FEH Star Rarity 4
FEH Guard 3 Guard 3FEH Guard 2 Guard 2FEH Star Rarity 5
CFEH Atk Ploy 1 Atk Ploy 1-FEH Star Rarity 3
FEH Atk Ploy 2 Atk Ploy 2FEH Atk Ploy 1 Atk Ploy 1FEH Star Rarity 4
FEH Atk Ploy 3 Atk Ploy 3FEH Atk Ploy 2 Atk Ploy 2FEH Star Rarity 5


Secret Book (Artwork)
Subjective: The following part of this article is based upon the editor's personal experiences and opinions, and therefore may not be applicable for all readers.
Base Set[]

Julius comes via Grand Hero Battle, summoning the 12 Deadlords to battle against the player's army.

Should the player prevail, they will be rewarded with an undeniably unique mage with huge Attack and Resistance, bolstered further by his unique tome, Loptous. This tome is his selling point; not only does it considerably bolster both of his best stats, but whenever he enters combat against anyone whose weapon doesn't deal bonus damage to dragons - regardless of phase - he reduces their attack by 6. When combined with 38/38 magical bulk, very few mages can even touch Julius, not even some blue mages. In fact, the only Dragon-effective tomes in the game have a triangle disadvantage against Julius. However, the tome also causes Julius to take effective damage from Dragon-effective weapons, making him exceptionally vulnerable to Falchion, Breath of Fog or refined Binding Blade.

The rest of Julius' base kit is geared to laughing off damage from enemy mages. Guard prevents them from triggering their Specials against him (except the odd Heavy Blade user), Attack Ploy can their Attack before they even get to him, and Draconic Aura is the tome that lets him blast the foe with massive damage in retaliation. He can't however, totally shrug off damage from melee attackers, as his Defense - the lowest in the game among free units - can't be totally patched by Loptous' damage reduction. Add to that his rather poor speed, and he will bow to any melee attacker.


The direct counters to Julius are scarce, as many weaknesses can be patched by the proper Skill Inheritance options (see below). However, fast lance cavalry will consistently win matchups against him, with Peri getting a special mention due to her high Resistance. You can also bet on archers doing particularly well against him, especially those armed with a Brave Bow+. If Julius does away with Guard, high-damage Specials also become a threat. Any of the Falchion users will also kill Julius easily, as effective damage, combined with Julius' low defense will result in him dying in a single blow - Chrom (Knight Exalt) is particularly good at this due to being cavalry. Any variant of Tiki will also easily kill him with Breath of Fog or Summer's Breath. Lastly, area-of-effect specials like Blazing Thunder bypass Loptous' effect to deal very noteworthy damage, and possibly lead to Julius's demise during combat.

Skill Inheritance Options[]

Julius can build to counter many different units - even physical ones - but the most popular route is to strengthen his ability to shrug off ranged damage, with Distant Defense - both as an inherited A-skill, and a seal. When combined with the two instances of DD, along with Quick Riposte in the B-slot and his native Attack Ploy, Loptous enables Julius to tank and KO nearly every mage in the game - even the infamous Quickened Pulse Moonbow Reinhardt! He also gains the ability to answer to dagger users and archers, albeit in limited fashion.

As for the rest of your kit, you can keep his base Draconic Aura special, but Iceberg will do slightly more damage due to scaling off his Resistance, so go for it if you have anyone whom he can inherit the skill from. Your Assist slot ultimately depends on your team composition's needs.

Meet Some of the Heroes[]

Scion of Darkness Julius
Julius scion of darkness pop01 Here's Julius, the prince of the Grannvale Empire! He's a descendant of Loptous, who once terrorized the continent of Jugdral, but also of some of the crusaders who defeated the dark lord.
Julius scion of darkness pop02 Julius was once a kind young man, wise beyond his years. Many people looked up to him fondly, including his sister, Julia, and his beloved Ishtar.
Julius scion of darkness pop03 And yet one day, he completely lost himself, becoming an avatar of Loptous! In the blink of an eye, he became cruel and ruthless, so much so that even his father, Emperor Arvis, was terrified of him.
Julius scion of darkness pop04 Despite that, I still believe in him. I know that one day, Loptous's spell will be broken, and Julius's loved ones will be happily reunited with the kind young man they once knew!
Closely Associated Characters
Arvis Duke of Velthomer, and descendant of the crusader Fjalar and Maera of the imperial family. Father of Julius.
Julia Inheritor of the Book of Naga. Julius's younger sister, and Seliph's half sister by a different father. Gentle, yet faces her destiny with strength.
Ishtar The heir to Mjölnir, she carries the blood of the royal family of Friege. The descent of her love, Julius, into the darkness troubles her.


Genealogy of the Holy War[]

“Hmhmhm... Look, Ishtar. Victory is mine!”
—Julius' battle quote in Chapter 10
“Hmhmhm... Have you gone mad? You cannot even touch me. ”
—Julius' battle quote in the Final Chapter
“J-Julia?! Why... What are you... Argh! Manfroy, you've made a grave mistake!”
—Julius versus Julia in the Final Chapter
“Feh... We meet at last, Seliph. The so-called scion of light... Don't make me laugh! What challenge could an heir of Baldr possibly provide? This is where your story ends!”
—Julius versus Seliph in the Final Chapter
“I grow weary of this silly game.”
—Julius' defeat quote in Chapter 10
—Loptous speaking through Julius in the death quote in the Final Chapter when defeated by Julia and Naga.
—Loptous speaking through Julius in the death quote in the Final Chapter when defeated by Seliph.
—Loptous speaking through Julius in the death quote in the Final Chapter when defeated by any other unit apart from Seliph or Julia.


“All Loptyr's power is mine!”
—Julius' SpotPass battle quote
“Hm...I'll consider it.”
—Julius' SpotPass parley quote
“No one defies me and lives! No one!”
—Julius' battle quote as an enemy, in Xenologue 4
“You'll feel plenty agony yourself very soon, little one.”
—Julius versus Nah in Xenologue 4
“You strangers fight well. But the time for games is over.”
—Julius' battle quote as an enemy, in Xenologue 6
“Have you gone mad? You cannot even touch me.”
—Julius' battle quote as an enemy, in Xenologue 10
“You, defeat me? Don't make me laugh.”
—Julius' battle quote as an enemy, in Xenologue 12
“Try, you insignificant worm!”
—Julius versus Nah in Xenologue 12
“A fine retort...But you will die when we next meet...”
—Julius' defeat quote as an enemy, in Xenologue 4
“I will return... Count on it...”
—Julius' defeat quote as an enemy, in Xenologue 6
“No... Not to you...rrgh...”
—Julius' defeat quote as an enemy, in Xenologue 10
“No! Impossible...agh...”
—Julius' defeat quote as a NPC, in Xenologue 11
“I've been defeated? But...that's absurd...”
—Julius' defeat quote as an enemy, in Xenologue 12


Julius (Genealogy of the Holy War)/Heroes Quotes

Non-Canon Appearances[]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[]

Spirit Info[]

No. Name Image Type Class Slots Effect
643 Julius JuliusTCGTran Primary (Neutral) ★☆☆☆ (Novice) 2 Fire Attack ↑

Spirit Battle[]

Spirit Enemy Fighter(s) Type Power / Class Stage Rules Conditions Music
No. 643
•Robin Neutral 2,200 / ★☆☆☆ (Novice) Castle Siege (Battlefield) •Hazard: Lava Floor •The floor is lava
•The enemy's explosion and fire attacks have increased power
•Stamina battle
"Power-Hungry Fool"

Fire Emblem 0 (Cipher)[]

Julius is illustrated in the trading card game with the following cards:

Choose Your Legends Placement History[]

Round Placement Character Version Votes

CYL1 409 CYL Julius Portrait
Genealogy of the Holy War
CYL2 243
CYL Julius Portrait
Genealogy of the Holy War
CYL3 346
CYL Julius Portrait
Genealogy of the Holy War
CYL4 280
CYL Julius Portrait
Genealogy of the Holy War
CYL5 259
CYL Julius Portrait
Genealogy of the Holy War
CYL6 250
CYL Julius Portrait
Genealogy of the Holy War
CYL7 226
CYL Julius Portrait
Genealogy of the Holy War

CYL8 244
CYL Julius Portrait
Genealogy of the Holy War


Julius is a Roman family name that is associated with the line of emperors.


  • Julius's unique boss theme only plays if he fights Seliph or Julia, if any other characters attack him then the normal boss theme will play in Chapter 10 and theme "Fated Showdown" in the Final Chapter.
  • Julius is one of the three final bosses whose defeat does not result in an instant victory, as the player still has to seize Belhalla afterwards. Others are Medeus (Mystery of the Emblem only) and Veld.
  • Julius is the first final boss in the series who is actually younger than the game's protagonist (specifically, the protagonist of the game's second half), being followed by Takumi and Edelgard.
  • In Heroes, Julius shares his Japanese voice actor, Takahiro Sakurai, with Eliwood (from The Blazing Blade) and Lukas (from Gaiden and its remake, Echoes: Shadows of Valentia).


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