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“I met Ke'ri's parents. A while back, when I was in Regna Ferox with Minerva. I saved them from a pack of bandits outside the town. They told me that their daughter had been killed by the very same outlaws. Later I heard a young boy named Lon'qu was with her at the time. ...And that he fought like a demon in a vain attempt to protect her. Naturally, when I was introduced to you, I started thinking-”
—Cherche talking to Lon'qu about Ke'ri in their C Support Conversation.

Ke'ri (ケリー Kerī, Keri in the Japanese version) is a character mentioned in Fire Emblem Awakening.


Ke'ri was the childhood friend of Lon'qu's from Chon'sin. Her name is mentioned in Lon'qu's Support conversations with Cherche and Tharja. Ke'ri lived near Lon'qu when he was a child. One day, she left her parents and took Lon'qu out to a picnic. Unfortunately, a group of brigands appeared and attempted to kill them. Ke'ri was killed while protecting Lon'qu, who managed to escape. Ke'ri's death, as well as the disdain he received from her parents, caused him to leave the slums he lived in out of shame. He never forgave himself and suffers from nightmares of that day, invoking his fear of women. Sometime after Ke'ri's death, however, her parents read her diary and discovered she was good friends with Lon'qu. Cherche mentions to Lon'qu, in their C Support Conversation, that she had met Ke'ri's parents and saved them from bandits in Regna Ferox. Lon'qu does not want to hear any more, but in their B support conversation Cherche insists on telling him that they forgive him, and feel regret for misjudging him about their daughter's death.

In Lon'qu's support conversation with Tharja, Tharja at first thinks he has been cursed with his phobia. Lon'qu talks about the source of his phobia with women, and explains to Tharja about his recurring nightmares about Ke'ri's death. Tharja offers to create a potion for Lon'qu that will get rid of his phobia. However, the potion would also erase his memories of Ke'ri, so he refuses.