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Kilma is a character from Fire Emblem Fates. He is the chieftain of the Ice Tribe and father of Flora and Felicia


Kilma is the chieftain of the Ice Tribe, a group of people known for living in one of the places with the coldest climates in Nohr. He is also the father of Felicia and Flora.


Shortly before the events of Fates, Kilma began to oppose the ruthless ambitions of King Garon, thereafter making plans to stage a rebellion. During the events of Conquest, Garon sends Corrin on a mission to quell the rebellion before it spirals out of control. As Corrin approaches the village, a massive blizzard causes them to black out. Seeing Yato in their hands, Kilma brings them back to the village and nurses them back to health, believing in the legend that Yato's wielder would bring peace to the world. After regaining consciousness, Corrin formally meets him and under Silas' urging, manages to keep their true intents hidden. This proves to be for naught, as Elise flounces into the room and accidentally blows their cover.

Kilma immediately adopts a stance of hostility towards Corrin, and later leads a battle against them outside the village. He is eventually defeated by Corrin and their army, but both his and the villagers' lives are spared. Corrin explains that they wish to end the conflict peacefully, and goes on to openly denounce their faith to King Garon. Kilma chooses to believe Corrin's words, promising to stop the rebellion and await the success of their revolution.


While Kilma does not appear in Revelation, Flora mentions that she had him and the rest of the tribe go into hiding to escape Garon's wrath in the event she failed in killing Corrin.


Despite the minor role that he plays in the game, some aspects of Kilma's personality can still be drawn. Kilma is a stalwart leader, one who devotes his life to the betterment of his people. This is demonstrated by his decision to rebel against the Nohrian royalty; Kilma does this entirely out of the interest of the Ice Tribe, owing to the fact that they have suffered under the oppressive rule of King Garon. He is willing to set aside his emotions and do what must be done for the sake of his tribe, even if it means opposing one of his own beloved daughters in battle. He exclusively praised Felicia over Flora during weapon training in the past, unintentionally causing Flora to question her self-worth.

Kilma is a collected individual that is able to maintain a demeanor of calm even in the face of adversity. Upon learning of Corrin's true intent behind infiltrating the Ice Tribe's domains, he responds by calmly raising the alarm for all able troops to stage a defense. Kilma is also levelheaded and reasonable, as he is willing to accede to Corrin's plea to end the rebellion and place his faith in them.


Conquest Chapter 8 - Cold Reception[]


Help Description[]

Chief of the Ice Tribe and father to Felicia and Flora.

Chapter 8 (Conquest)[]

Battle Quote[]

“We are a proud people, and we shall not yield to the Kingdom of Nohr!”
—Klima's battle quote

Vs. Corrin[]

  • Kilma: I was a fool to allow myself to be deceived by appearances. You are not the legendary hero after all. What a shame.
  • Corrin: I make no excuses for what my people have done to yours, Kilma. No matter how this ends, all I ask is that you listen to what I have to say.

Vs. Felicia[]

  • Kilma: Felicia, my dear child. I never thought I'd see this day. Taking up arms against your own people, siding with the enemy...
  • Felicia: Father, please don't say such things! This is the last thing I ever wanted.
  • Kilma: It pains me to raise a hand against my precious daughter... But alas, this is how it must be for the good of the tribe. Gods, forgive me.

Defeat Quote[]

“You didn't take my life when you had the chance... Why? Tell me why!”
—Kilma's defeat quote


Kilma is a former military officer and former tribal leader of the Pala tribe. Kilma's fictional challenges in Fates highlight the difficult and highly personal choices Tribal leaders face in the real world. Tribal leaders must be willing to put aside what's best for themselves and their own families and do what's right for the entire tribe. Maintaining the traditions of the past while leading a tribe into the future is a tribal leadership challenge. Kilma means "outside" in the tribal language of the ancient village of Kupa.

The Finnish word kylmä literally means "Cold".

Kilma could also be a variation of the Spanish and Portuguese word "clima" which means "weather" or "climate."


  • Kilma's voice clips in combat are shared with the capturable boss, Senno, who is also fought in Conquest.
  • Though he appears as a Sorcerer early in the game, Kilma uses the Dark Mage's critical animation.
  • Kilma shares his English voice actor, David Stanbra, with Kaze, Shura, Siegbert, Xander, Sumeragi and the Rainbow Sage.