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“After this war is over, when the world is reborn... those who will be able to picture true peace will be... only those who knew sadness.”
—Kilmar to Jemmie after sparing her life

Kilmar is a major character originating from the Fire Emblem: Hasha no Tsurugi manga. He is a myrmidon of the Western Isles and a member of the Western Isles Resistance. Introduced with a standoffish demeanor, he is eventually driven to join Al, the manga's protagonist, and Roy's army to put an end to the war with Bern and bring peace the world.


Prior to the events of the manga, Kilmar lived in the Western Isles with his lover Aileen. One day while treating his wounds from a recent conflict, Aileen reprimands Kilmar, telling him that she won't forgive him if he returns injured again. Kilmar wonders aloud if he can keep that promise, telling her that he will continue to fight for the peace and tranquility they both dream of.

Not long there after, Kilmar's Village is attacked by a Dragon with Aileen being killed in the attack. Questioning his own inability to keep his promise to Aileen, Kilmar buries his sword with her. At some point he is arrested by the corrupt forces of Etruria in the Western Isles and is sent to one of it's mines which is supervised by Galdes.

Still effected by Aileen's death, Kilmar willingly remains in the mine, preferring to be left alone and not desiring to be inconvenience by others. This includes Al, who makes multiple attempts to escape. After hearing of the promise Al made to his friends, Kilmar questions if he knows how hard it is to keep a one. Al responds, saying he must have failed to keep a promise himself. Though agitated by his response, Kilmar leaves him to do what he wants.

Managing to rally the other inmates, Al makes one more attempt to escape the mines, but is unable to overcome Galdes. Just as Galdes prepares to kill him, Kilmar jumps in to save Al, kicking him to the exit where he escapes. With Al safe, Kilmar prepares to let Galdes kill him, but Al returns, using the speed given to him by a mine cart to fell Galdes with a powerful sword strike. With all the guards defeated, the prisoners are able to escape the mines.

On the surface, Al, Kilmar and fellow member of the resistance Mancel head for the resistance hideout. While there Kilmar visits Aileen's grave, this is interrupted by "One Strike Zapper", a Berserker sent by the corrupt Etrurian noble, Arcard to eliminate the resistance. Eventually Zapper turns his sights on Mancel's daughter and attempts to kill her, but Kilmar saves her at the last minute, Aileen's grave being destroyed in the process. Kilmar's sword comes flying out of the grave, which Kilmar takes as a sign from Aileen to fight, and with a single strike, Kilmar slays Zapper.

After the battle, Al asks Kilmar what it is he want to do, and with a newfound resolve, he responds saying he wants to crush Arcard.

Arriving at Arcard's office Al leaps in to save Gant and Roy's army from a powerful Elfire spell cast by a mage of Bern, Jemmie. Jemmie is then forced to flee further into Arcard's castle. While the Gant and Tiena are happy to see Al again, the resistance are likewise happy to see Kilmar. Soon however, Jemmie returns with the dragon Ain, who she sends to attack the army. Seeing the dragon that killed Aileen, Kilmar rushes in to fight him but is unable to harm him at all, leading Kilmar to again lament his own weakness. Al is eventually eaten whole by Ain, with Jemmie cheerfully recounting how Ain destroyed Kilmar's village.

Kilmar angrily questions Jemmie on if she knew how many people lived in his village, which she offhandedly disregards. Just as Ain is about to attack Kilmar again, Al bursts out from Ain's stomach, having cut his way out from the inside. While he attempts to get up to fight again, Al is left without any strength and collapses. Kilmar instead picks up Al's sword and prepares to face Ain. Kilmar strikes at Ain's neck with Al's sword, and using his own to push Al's, he is able to decapitate him.

With Ain defeated, Jemmie attempts to kill herself to avoid capture, but is saved by Zeed, her brother, allowing them both to escape. Having finally avenged Aileen, Kilmar swears to her to keep fighting.

News quickly arrives that the Etrurian Mage General, Cecilia and the Princess of Bern, Guinivere are being pursued by Bern forces in Missur. While Roy and his army begin to set sail for Missur, Al fears that they will be too late if they take a boat. Kilmar suggest to Al that he instead fly, leading Al to take one of the Wyvern left by Bern and fly ahead of the army.

When the army finally makes it to Missur, Cecilia and Al have already been defeated by Zephiel, the king of Bern and Guinivere has already been taken. The army happens upon Al's body, now on the verge of death, it is revealed by a Shaman named Sophia that Al can be saved if he is taken to Arcadia in the Nabata Desert. Tiena opts to fly ahead with the Pegasus Knights Shanna and Thea while the Kilmar and the remainder of the army catch up. When they finally do, it is just outside of the village of Arcadia, with Al successfully having been saved by Tiena.

After leaving Arcadia, the army begin their march to the now Bern occupied Etrurian capital of Aquleia, and are met by Knight General Perceval and his forces who join them.

When the army arrives in Aquleia, a heated battle is waged between the allied Bern and Etrurian forces and the Lycian League army. In the midst of the battle, Kilmar is able to sneak into the plaza of the royal palace, where he is attacked by Jemmie who is riding atop a Wyvern. He follows here to the bridge that leads to the castle where she sits atop a tower with seven other mages attacking both the Lycian League and Etruria's force with magic. Kilmar, however is quickly able to dispatch of the seven mages but Jemmie then tells him that she will not forgive the League for having taken someone precious from her.

The two then engage in battle, with Kilmar easily out classes Jemmie, though he refuses to kill her, which she questions him on. He then tells her that only those who experience sadness could picture peace after the war is over. Jemmie seemingly surrenders, but quickly attempts to kill both herself and Kilmar with explosive magic, but Kilmar us able to quickly dodge, leading her to fall off the bridge and to her death.

The army is eventually able to defeat Bern and retake the capital with each member of the league being promoted to a higher class. The following day, Al decides to return home for a short time while the army marches to Bern castle.

The League and Bern's forces clash just outside of Bern Castle, and while they struggle to match Bern's overwhelming might, they are soon assisted by reinforcements from Lycia. They finally are able to push Bern to retreat after Roy and his allies defeat Murdock, the leader of Bern's Wyvern Generals. With Al having returned soon after, the Lycian League push their way into Bern Castle where Al and Roy head to the thrown room to face Zephiel. In the midst of storming the castle, Kilmar, Tiena and Gant find a place absent of Bern's soldiers, here Gant requests that the Princess rest after wearing herself out in the previous battle. Tiena initially refuses, but agrees once Kilmar tells her that she will be a burden if she goes into battle tired. Kilmar and Gant than return to battle leaving Tiena to rest.

Al and Roy are eventually able to defeat Zephiel, but Al soon learns that Tiena has been kidnapped. Deciding to let Roy celebrate his victory, Al, Kilmar and Gant head off to rescue Tiena on their own.

The three are teleported to a cave where they confront Tiena's kidnapper, Audamorze who reveals Tiena to be held in chains. Al declares that he will save Tiena and then does battle with Audamorze's henchman "One Horned" while Kilmar and Gant are left to fight numerous masked clones. It is eventually revealed that "One Horned" is actually Al's father Magough, who is seemingly under some kind of spell. Upon this revelation Magough attempts to kill a now stunned Al, Gant however jumps in to save him, but is blown back by Magough's power. Magough then goes in to kill Gant, but is stopped by Al who stabs him with his sword.

Believing he had just killed his father, Al is overcome with grief and transforms into a dragon, but then has his dragon power stolen by Audamorze. Al attempts to stand up against Audamoze, but is no match for him initially. It is only after being saved by Tiena and gathering his resolve is he able to defeat Audamorze with a powerful thrust of energy from his sword. This attack creates a bright light, which engulfs Al.

Unable to find Al, the three eventually go their separate ways, with Kilmar returning to the Western Isles. Kilmar would spend his time helping those who had been exploited by Etruria. Two years later however, he would develop an incurable illness, dying from it.


Before Aileen's death, Kilmar was noticeably happier, at least when talking with her. He was shown to be noble warrior, willing to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves and always striving to keep his promise to Aileen of a peaceful world. However when he failed to protect her and keep his promise he became disillusioned with himself, which lead to him throwing down his sword and becoming a loner. He is initially shown to be complacent, opting to remain in his position as a prisoner in the mines rather than make any active effort to escape. He likewise found it bothersome when Al attempted to escape as he felt it would likely inconvenience him. He even reprimanded the other prisoners for allow themselves to get caught up in Al's talk of escaping.

Despite this, his more noble side still remained, as he would eventually help Al escape and save Mancel's daughter, even though Aileen's grave was destroyed in the process. After overcoming his past, he becomes more like how he was in before, though a bit more blunt. He threatens to kill Al if he pushed him down a hill and told Tiena matter of factually that she would be a burden if she fought while tired, though in the case of the latter, this was out of concern for her well being. Kilmar is shown to be a very loyal ally, sticking with Al until the very end of their journey and showing concern when he thought Al was going to die.

Though he is not above holding a grudge, he is able to overcome them and offer kindness to his enemies, such as when he offered to spare Jemmie's life in hopes that she would be able to help make the world a more peaceful place in the future. He is not a sociable person, as he was unsure of how to respond when the members of the resistance celebrated his return and often chooses to be alone when not in combat. He is not however incapable of interacting with others, as Gant remarks that he spent time training with him. Kilmar is also an extremely skilled fighter, having shown impressive speed and agility as well as specializing in a two sword fighting style.


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Kilmar - Dual-Wielding Falcon

  • Kilmar returned to the Western Isles and focused on aiding the exploited people. However two years later, he faced an incurable disease and died suddenly. As his short life came to an end, he journeyed to Aileen's side.

Non-Canon Appearances

Fire Emblem 0 (Cipher)

Kilmar is illustrated in the trading card game Fire Emblem Cipher with the following cards:


  • Kilmar is the only one of the four major characters in the manga who does not have referential weapon present in Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade. However in Chapter 7, one of the villages gives out a Killing Edge which was said to have belonged to a dying swordsman.
  • Unlike Al, Gant and Tiena, and even some minor characters, Kilmar's usual attire does not change after the Battle in Aquleia.
  • Despite the fact that myrmidon in Elibe are native to Sacae, even half-Sacaens like Rutger, it is unknown if Kilmar himself originates from Sacae or if he has Sacaen blood. He likewise does not wear clothes that are typical of people from Sacae.