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“Prince Marth, your arrival could not have been better timed. Please accept our gratitude. Princess Nyna of Archanea is a route from the fortress. I am sure she will wish to meet you. The battle is not won yet, though: many of the enemy continue to hold out within the castle's halls. Stay wary.”
—The King of Aurelis speaking to Marth

The unnamed King of Aurelis is the far older brother of Hardin and a descendant of the Hero Marlon. There appears to be a significant age difference between the two with Hardin being in his early thirties at most and the king appearing to be elderly and visibly aged. He fell sick before the events of the War of Shadows, causing Hardin to take care of his kingly duties.

War of Heroes[]

It was said that he supported Hardin throughout most of the war effort but changed his views after receiving a letter from Nyna telling him that Hardin was not normal and instead ill. After this the King decided to stop his country's army from attacking the Altean army at the pass, which he does after a conversation with Marth in a remote village. As King Aurelis can have no children, his only relative is Hardin who changed completely, and his time is running out, thus leaving no descendants of Marlon and heirs for the throne of Aurelis. Because of this he decides to leave his whole nation in Marth's hands. After this he gives Marth the Lifesphere which he bought off a merchant. His support allowed Marth to complete the Binding Shield and gain Roshea (and Vyland, Sedgar and Wolf in New Mystery of the Emblem) as an ally.



  • The King's name is never mentioned not even in the developer's notes. He is always simply called the King of Aurelis, King Aurelis, or his majesty. This is different from the King of Talys, Ruler of Khadein, and even the unseen King of Grust.