Kings Knight (キングスナイト Kingusunaito) is a class featured in TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga. It is a powerful royal class which can access to all types of physical weapons.

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King's Knight is a rare mounted class with access to Swords, Lances, Axes, and Bows. The class has some of the best stats in both base and caps in the game, equaling Gold Knight. King's Knight is easily one of the best classes in the game, but the player army gets access to only one King's Knight, the pre promoted Loffaru who has low growth rates.

Much like Gold Knight, King Knight has max stat caps in everything but defense, which is still above average. Kings Knights has one less base movement point then Gold Knight, the only stat difference when mounted. When dismounted, King's Knight has 1 less point in strength and skill compared to a dismounted Gold Knight. Just like Gold Knight, Kings Knight exclusively uses swords when dismounted, despite this a dismounted Kings Knight is still an above average unit.

King's Knight can be compared to Master Knight as both are extremely powerful and rare mounted classes with names signifying their superior status. Like the Trading Card game version of Master Knight, it can use all non magic weapons and like the Thracia 776 version of the class, when dismounting, they lose access to all weapons but swords.



TS (mounted)25100101008-7--TS SwordTS LanceTS AxeTS Bow 5
TS (dismounted)25606606-4--TS SwordTS LanceTS AxeTS Bow 5


TS (mounted)60251525253023-12--TS SwordTS LanceTS AxeTS Bow 20
TS (dismounted)60211521213021-12--TS SwordTS LanceTS AxeTS Bow 20

Notable Kings KnightsEdit

Notes Edit

  • Several unused classes including Emperor and a Baron-like class use the battle animations of a dismounted King's Knight as a placeholder.
  • The Wyvern Master class wears a similar uniform to King's Knight.


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