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The Kitsune Hamlet is a hidden village in the mountains of Hoshido.


The Kitsune Hamlet is a rather secluded village filled with Kitsune and Nine-Tails, as very few people are aware of the Kitsune.

Prior to the events of Fates, Kaden was the leader of the village. On the Birthright and Revelation routes, he leaves the village to help repay debts to people; it is unknown if he had a replacement while he was gone. If he is married, it is suggested in his ending that he returns to the hamlet to resume its leadership.


Corrin's army passes through the mountains where the Kitsune live in Chapter 19 as all other routes to Hoshido are heavily guarded. Kaden meets the Nohrians and puts up a facade to allow his fellow tribesmen to ambush them. Despite knowing that Corrin is not lying, he tells them that people that pass through in these mountains come to hunt kitsune for their fur, and cannot take any chances that could harm his people. After a ferocious fight, the kitsune are killed, much to Corrin's regret.

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