With Tobin Edit

C support Edit

  • Tobin: Hey, look who's here!
  • Kliff: What do you want, Tobin? Don't talk to me unless you need something.
  • Tobin: Wow! What crawled up your armor? You know, you've been testier than usual lately. Did I do something wrong?
  • Kliff: Nope. You're imagining it. Now how about we get back to fighting and forget all this small talk?

(Kliff leaves)

  • Tobin: What? ...Hey! Come on, Kliff, would you just... *sigh*

B support Edit

  • Tobin: Hey, Kliff. What's new?
  • Kliff: Are you kidding? I thought I told you—
  • Tobin: Yeah, yeah. No small talk. Guess I forgot.
  • Kliff: Or else you're doing it on purpose to get under my skin.
  • Tobin: Heh heh.
  • Kliff: I really can't stand when you do that.

(Kliff leaves)

  • Tobin: Yeesh. Do you want to talk about it? Maybe need a hug?

A support Edit

  • Kliff: Tobin.
  • Tobin: By the Mother! Did you actually just start a conversation?
  • Kliff: You were going to approach me anyway. ...Don't ask me why. I thought treating you like dirt would have inspired you to give me space.
  • Tobin: Aw, you don't treat me like dirt! Look, you like to vent, I get it.
  • Kliff: How can you be so NICE? I try to be nice, but other people just make me crazy. And when you let me take it out on you, I feel even worse.
  • Tobin: So what? That's normal. You're my friend—I don't care if you give me guff once in a while.
  • Kliff: Really?
  • Tobin: Sure! Plus I'm not so nice—there are lots of things that tick me off. I just choose to let 'em slide. ...Except maybe when Alm or Gray show me up. I can't stand that.
  • Kliff: Well, they ARE much better at fighting than you.
  • Tobin: Hey!
  • Kliff: Heh. Sorry. Couldn't resist.
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