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“Tired from many long battles, Marth and the League arrived at last in Archanea. On their way to the royal palace, Marth learns of attacks on Knorda, and so he heads to Knorda Market to rescue them.”

Knorda Market is the third History Mode map of the Fire Emblem Warriors Shadow Dragon DLC pack. It takes place in Akaneia and is loosely based on the chapter of the same name in Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon. This map focuses on Linde.


Initial Battles

Class Mission Difficulty Restriction Deploy Limit Stage Reward S-Rank Bonus Anna's Momentos
Pegasus Knight Timed Attack lv. 11 None None Aytolis City Bronze Sword None None
Archer Ally Rescue lv. 24 None Nohrian Heroes Dusk Castle Steel Axe None None
Myrmidon Shadow Rush lv. 28 Neutralized Effectiveness Limit Bows Castle Sol Steel Tome None None
Mage Arena lv. 32 None None Kingswood Linde's Charm Anna's Bow None
Mage Villager Rescue lv. 44 Mounted Advantage None Desert Arena Tiki's Hairpin Genpeer Sword None
Pegasus Knight Pincer Escape lv. 59 None None Great Plain None Aura's Scroll None
Wyvern Rider Gold Rush lv. 64 None None Desolate Gorge Caeda's Breastplate Genpeer Tome None
Manakete Shadow Rush lv. 75 None None The World Tree None Swordmaster costume None
Fighter Fort Defense lv. 83 None None Castle Sol Camilla's Tassles Statflip Bow None


After defeating the Lv. 32 Mage Challenge, the Mage is revealed to be Linde. After recruiting her, reinforcements appear

First Wave

Class Mission Difficulty Restriction Deploy Limit Stage Reward S-Rank Bonus Anna's Mementos
Archer Fort Siege lv. 41 None None Ebony Volcano Minerva's Red Armor None None
Great Knight Gold Rush lv. 50 None None Aytolis Castle Anna's Bow's Scroll None None
Mage Villager Rescue lv. 73 Physical Advantage None Dusk Castle Corrin's Hair Clasp Gencrossstone None
Mage Shadow Elimination lv. 77 None None The Interspace Iago's Half Mask None Defeat 1,000 enemies


Myrmidon Targeted Elimination lv. 79 None Axes Kingswood None Statflip Lance None
Manakete Timed Onslaught lv. 83 None None Desert Arena Chaos Dragon's Jewel None None
Pegasus Knight Ally Rescue lv. 87 None None Dragon Valley Chrom's Pauldron None None
Myrmidon Rendevous Disruption lv. 90 None None Desolate Gorge Frederick's Ribbon Tie None Defeat 1,000 enemies


Boss Battles

After defeating Chrom, Validar appears.

Character Mission Difficulty Restriction Deploy Limit Stage Reward S-Rank Bonus Anna's Momentos
Owain Villager Rescue lv. 21 None None Dragon Valley Bronze Lance Master Seal None
Chrom Recruitment Battle lv. 68 None None Ebony Volcano Gharnef's Orb Gencross Axe Defeat 1,000 enemies


Validar Knorda Market lv. 85 None None Fortified Citadel None Elixir None

Xenologue Battles

Title Character(s) Mission Difficulty Restriction Deploy Limit Stage Reward S-Rank Bonus
Strange Power Linde & Chrom Villager Rescue lv. 95 None None Aytolis Castle Xander's Plate Armor Anna's Bow Opus
Army's Heart Linde Xander & Sakura Arena lv. 100 None Unmounted Great Plain Sakura's Headband Great Festal
Strawberries Linde & Robin (Male) Pincer Escape lv. 104 Magic Advantage None The World Tree Lyn's Cord Belt Aura's Opus
Uncertain Prayers Linde & Ryoma Recruitment Battle lv. 108 None Tomes & Stones The Interspace Anna's Purse Lady Sword's Opus

Xenologue References


  • The lines of the boss Khozen are excluded, instead his role as boss was taken by a generic ruffian, who was simply a dialogue only NPC in the DS game.
  • The map is specifically based on the DS version of Shadow Dragon as Linde is captured by a Ruffian instead of a slaver.
  • Because this is a recreation of the version of the map from Shadow Dragon, the lines from the DS game are reused, however Nyna, and Jake's roles are given to Female Robin, and Chrom respectively, while Owain takes on the role of an unnamed Ruffian.
  • After beating the Lv. 32 Arena challenge, the Mage sprite will be replaced with Linde's.