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Know your Enemy is a quest given by Edelgard/Dimitri/Claude in Fire Emblem Three Houses which is only available during Chapter 4 and is needed to progress through the story.

Quest Details

I am seeking assistance with a matter of grave importance. More details to come.


Talk to people in the monastery to help figure out the enemy's true aim.

Quest-Giver Dialogue 

  • Edelgard

"If we only knew the enemy's true aim, we might have something to work with. Let's look around the monastery and see if we can learn any new information."

Quest Completion Dialogue

"We've narrowed down some of the enemy's potential objectives, but we'll only know if we're right when the day is upon us."


Given to you by Byleth's house leader depending on the house chosen.



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Talk to the house leader to begin the quest. The task is to acquire investigation notes from seven people.

  • Investigation Note #1: Professor Hanneman in his office on the 2f.
  • Investigation Note #2: Alois on the left side outside the Cathedral.
  • Investigation Note #3: A Female Knight opposite the Statues in the Cathedral.
  • Investigation Note #4: A Priest near the entrance to the treasure vault.
  • Investigation Note #5: A Male Knight in the Dining Hall.
  • Investigation Note #6: A Monk in the Library.
  • Investigation Note #7: A Monk near the Greenhouse.

Report tot the house leader to complete the quest.