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The Knowledge Gem is an item that debuted in Three Houses. It is classified as equipment, alongside staves and shields.


When equipped, the Knowledge Gem will double any skill experience and class mastery experience gained in battle, but this does not affect skill experience gained from activities such as tutoring. This will stack when the player upgrades the statue of Cethleann, effectively quadrupling the amount of experience gained when mastering a class (though skill experience remains at being doubled).

Additionally, Lysithea and Jeritza are able to double these effects once more thanks to their Mastermind skill, although the latter will need to sacrifice an ability slot in order to do so.

Item Stats[]

Fire Emblem: Three Houses[]

Name Uses Worth Wt Effect(s) / Note(s)
Knowledge Gem - - - A mysterious gem that supports skill acquisition. Increases the amount of skill experience earned.

Item Location[]

Fire Emblem: Three Houses[]

Method Location
Treasure Tales of the Red Canyon - Chest
Event Chapter 11 - End of chapter if all Crest Stones were protected.