“Maybe it was like you at one point, but that would've been a long time ago. For decades, Kranion has rampaged across Leda Valley massacring every living thing. Now it's no different than those monsters we just fought.”
Holmes telling Katri about Kranion

Kranion (クラニオン Kuranion, erroneously called グラニオン Guranion), also called the Witch Dragon (魔竜 maryuu), is an enemy character from TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga. She is the Earth Dragon who is worshiped by the people of the Temple of Earth. Princess Teeta (ティータ Tīta, fan translated as Tita) of Leda is in the form of Kranion during the game's events.


Until forty years prior to the game's events, Teeta lived happily with her husband, Gwenchaos. When she was fifteen years old, her father discovered the holy markings of Kranion on her body. He then ordered the court priest to forcibly transform her into Kranion through magic so that she could be used as a weapon in the long-lasting war between Leda and Salia. However, Teeta was incapable of returning to her human form and lost her sanity as a result, unable to determine friend from foe. With her immense strength, she caused both Salia and Leda to fall into ruin. Afterwards, she was banished to the remote northern mountains, where Gwenchaos watched over her as many men were sent to slay her.

Kranion makes her only appearance when Holmes's army is traveling through the ruins of Leda. Eventually, Gwenchaos appears and takes her away to keep her safe from harm. After Gerxel's death in the final chapter, Miradona releases Teeta's and Gwenchaos's souls, allowing them to ascend to the afterlife.


Kranion appears from the start of in Map 21, but she is called off of the field by Gwenchaos after a few turns. She is invincible to most units, so attacking her is not advised. Keep the player units out of her range or block her off with Katri in dragon form.


Starting Class
TRSEvilDragonMapEvil Dragon
SkillsWeaponStarting Items
MountainMountain FighterBreathBreath Icon☆S Breath
Breath Icon☆L Breath
Dragon Scale☆Dragon Scale

 Etymology Edit

The name of the guardian dragon Kranion comes from the Ancient Greek word κρανίον (kraníon), meaning "cranium." Like the other guardian dragons' names, its meaning is related to the nervous system.


  • Teeta's loss of her sanity is similar to the Earth Dragons degenerating in the Archanea Series of Fire Emblem.
  • Being one of the Shamans of Earth, Tia could theoretically transform into Kranion in-story, but she never does so. Additionally, one can figure out by hacking that the ability for her to transform using the Ring of Leda was not programmed into the game.


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