In TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga, Krisheena can be duplicated through a glitch. To do this, first activate the event with Shigen and Vega (They, along with Krisheena, all must be with Holmes). After doing this, kill off Krisheena before entering the Tower of Morse. After her death, enter the Tower of Morse (this must be the first time entering it) and revive her with the ☆Dakruon. Re-enter the tower, send her into battle on the fifth floor, and have her talk with Shigen. After this and exiting the tower, there should be a duplicate Krisheena at the end of the party list.

To Duplicate ItemsEdit

To duplicate items, give something to the duplicate Krisheena, not the original, and exit the item management menu. Anything in the new one's inventory will appear in the old one's as well. Items can be removed from the original's inventory, but they will stay in the duplicate's inventory, thus duplicating the item. This can be used to duplicate stat boosters, as well as any other item that a unit can hold in its inventory.

As a note of warning, if the glitch is attempted by giving the items to the original Krisheena then getting them from the duplicate, the items will instead disappear. This is due to the fact that one's inventory is overwriting the other every time that the game checks what items she has in her inventory.

Note Edit

  • Loffaru and Lee are popular choices to give the duplicated stat boosters as their unique classes have high stat caps they are unlikely to reach with their growths alone.
  • Duplicating stat boosters is the only reliable way for Maerhen to reach any of his class caps due to his extremely low stat growths.


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