Kronya is a character from Fire Emblem: Three Houses.


Kronya hails from Agartha and is one of Those Who Slither in the Dark.

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Kronya infiltrates Garreg Mach Monastery Officers Academy as a girl named Monica, an about-to-graduate Black Eagles student who had gone missing a year prior. It is theorized by Seteth that there was a real Monica and that she did study with the Black Eagles, but was killed and impersonated by Kronya.

During the Horsebow Moon of 1180, the Death Knight kidnaps Kronya in her Monica disguise, leading to her rescue by Byleth and their class. She quickly recovers and to keep up her guise, she joins the Black Eagles house, befriending Edelgard in the process.

Kronya reveals her true identity after Those Who Slither in the Dark are defeated by Jeralt, Byleth, and some of the students of the Officers Academy while experimenting on other students. As Monica, Kronya pretends to have been one of the captives, approaching Jeralt to thank him, but once he turns his back on her, she stabs him. Byleth attempts to use Sothis's Divine Pulse to stop her, but Thales appears and blocks Byleth's attack on her. She expresses shock that Thales made an appearance, but he teleports her away with little explanation.

Later, Thales and the Flame Emperor are discussing Kronya's carelessness, as her death would have revealed the truth behind Those Who Slither in the Dark's identities. Thales tasks Kronya to team up with Solon, a prospect she expresses excitement for. Kronya engages Byleth and his students in battle once more, taunting them and revealing her true appearance, but is defeated. Before Byleth can cut her down, Solon appears and brutally murders Kronya, using her as a sacrifice in order to enact a ritual that will banish Byleth to a dark dimension. Kronya's sacrifice ends up for naught, as the power of Sothis frees Byleth from this dark dimension and Solon is killed shortly thereafter.

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Kronya appears as a cheerful young woman whose childish disposition belies her underlying brutality.

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Gleaming Blade
One of those who slither in the dark. Hateful, merciless, and diabolical. Appears in Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

Base StatsEdit

Rarity: ✯✯✯✯✯

Heroes Kronya SpriteTitle
Gleaming Blade
Heroes Infantry Infantry
FEH skill offense Athame
FEH skill special New Moon
FEH Dagger Dagger


FEH skill offenseIron Dagger---
Steel Dagger-FEH Star Rarity 3-
Silver DaggerSteel DaggerFEH Star Rarity 4FEH Star Rarity 3
AthameSilver DaggerFEH Star Rarity 5-
FEH skill specialNew Moon-FEH Star Rarity 3FEH Star Rarity 4
LunaNew Moon-FEH Star Rarity 4
BFEH Desperation 1 Desperation 1--
FEH Desperation 2 Desperation 2FEH Desperation 1 Desperation 1FEH Star Rarity 3
FEH Desperation 3 Desperation 3FEH Desperation 2 Desperation 2FEH Star Rarity 4
CFEH Distant Guard 1 Distant Guard 1--
FEH Distant Guard 2 Distant Guard 2FEH Distant Guard 1 Distant Guard 1-
FEH Distant Guard 3 Distant Guard 3FEH Distant Guard 2 Distant Guard 2-


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