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Kupala is a region located in the northeast of the Leicester Alliance.


Considered a part of the Margravate of Edmund within the Leicester Alliance, Kupala is an autonomous region on the fringe of the mountains of Fódlan's Throat. It's rumored that the village that would become Kupala itself was founded by Chevalier, a follower of the heroine Seiros and one of the Four Apostles. The people of Kupala are known for making armor and weapons using precious minerals.

The Kupalans are also known for an odd ritual where, if their territory is under attack or siege, an elder hands a red liquid to the villagers involved in the conflict. Half of those who consume it acquire Crests, and if wounded, they heal from their injuries; the other half leaves and disappears forever. The supports between the half-Kupalan Balthus and his companion Yuri speculate that an old man who saved a very ill Yuri's life when he was a child used a similar method.


  • Kupala night is a Slavic celebration of the shortest night of the year and likely the inspiration for this town.

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