“Kutolah... The Ash Wolf, Dayan's tribe! They're said to be the strongest on the plains.”

The Kutolah (クトラ, Kutora lit. Qutula) tribe was one of the most powerful tribes in all of Sacae in Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade and Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade. It was led by the Silver Wolf Dayan for many years. When Bern invaded Sacae, the Kutolah was one of the only clans to rebel against them. The Kutolah clan was allied with the Lorca tribe before they were destroyed by the Taliver Bandits. After the war against Bern, Dayan retired as Chieftain and gave the title to Sin, the guardian of his granddaughter, Sue.

Notable MembersEdit

  • Dayan - The Silver Wolf was the most famous nomad in all of Sacae and he led the Kutolah and later led the rebellion against Bern and their Sacaen allies, the Djute tribe, with aid from Roy. He is the father of Rath and the grandfather of Sue. Sin is his protégé and successor.
  • Rath - The only recruitable nomad in Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade, he is the son of the Silver Wolf Dayan, head of the Kutolah. He was banished from his tribe when he was under the age of four. It is unknown whether or not he was killed during Bern's invasion of Sacae. He can fall in love and marry Lyn and is the father of the nomad Sue.
  • Sue - The daughter of Rath and the granddaughter of Dayan. When Bern invaded Sacae, her grandfather told her to take all the women and children and escape, but she got separated from the others but wound up in Thria in Lycia. She arrived, unfortunately, at the time of the Marquess's death and was taken prisoner as a gift to Bern by his murderers.
  • Guy - A young myrmidon around the same age as Rath who leaves Sacae to become a great swordfighter, after he has his life saved by the Ostian thief Matthew, he joins Eliwood's crew and helps defeat Nergal. Afterwards, he becomes Karel's pupil. It is unknown if he died during Bern's invasion of Sacae.
  • Sin - A young nomad who is Sue's guardian and pupil of the Silver Wolf, Dayan. He is good friends with Sue and can end up marrying her. When Dayan retires, Sin becomes the new leader of the Kutolah.

Etymology Edit

Qutula or Hotula Khan was a Khan of Khamag Mongol and the son of Khabul Khan, making him the great-uncle of the Genghis Khan.
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