Líf is a character from Fire Emblem Heroes. He is a general of Hel, and was thought to be the first king of Askr.


Once the first king of Askr, Líf formed an alliance with the Divine Dragon Askr, and with the dragon's blood he gained the ability to open gates to other worlds. He is also the founder of the Aether Keep. According to Reyson in Chapter 3, Líf has the power to bound Heroes to contracts.

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In reality, Líf is Alfonse from an alternative future, one that succumbed to the wrath of Hel. Desperate to end her terror, Askr and Embla joined forces to perform a ritual, The Heart's Rite, to combat Hel. While successful, the rite carried a huge cost. Every living being was sacrificed in exchange. Among the casualties included Sharena, whose death weighed particularly heavy on his soul.

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In Book III, Chapter 1, Líf is resurrected as a General of Hel who attacks the Order of Heroes during Hel's invasion of Askr, set on destroying the world. After his defeat, he vanishes, as his descendant Alfonse explains to his sister Sharena that Líf is their ancestor. Líf appears in Chapter 4 for a rematch before Hel arrives to take Alfonse's life, but he does not say anything at all.

In Chapter 6, Líf appears before Alfonse a third time upon entering the realm of the dead, saying that death cannot be defied, and the living will never understand until they die. Afterwards, he retreats to meet up with Thrasir. The two fight against the Order of Heroes as a team, and flee they are defeated once again. Líf opens up a portal to another world for him and Thrasir to escape to, while the Askrans and the Order of Heroes follow them in pursuit.

Líf appears once more in chapter 8, as the Order of Heroes attempts to traverse an alternate Askr in the hopes of discovering a way to defeat Hel. He attempts to assassinate Alfonse but is stopped when Sharena intervenes.

As Alfonse researches this alternate Askr, specifically why no life can be found here, he discovers that the citizens of this Askr formed an alliance with Embla and defeated Hel, at the cost of the lives of everyone in this reality.

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From this information, Alfonse comes to the conclusion that Líf is not, in fact, the first king of Askr reborn, but is instead the Alfonse from this ruined reality. He confronts Líf with all the clues he has gathered, and in turn, Líf seems angry and maybe even afraid after hearing it.

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Líf can be described as a man of few words, only speaking on rare occasions, such as his first appearance. Having been resurrected by Hel, he has turned into a cold-blooded killer set on destroying all worlds.

However, Líf is not devoid of every single emotion. It's said that he placed flowers as an offering in front of a certain tomb, and he cannot bring himself to attack Sharena when she faces him. When Eir tells him something about her memories and what seems to be parts of his past, he urges her to tell Hel and have said memories erased, probably fearing the information that Eir may have. He is also angry when Alfonse confronts him and makes him a very important question: namely, if he is his alternate self.


Lethal Swordsman
General of the realm of the dead. At his queen's command, this dark swordsman fights in hopes that all the living will join the ranks of the dead.

Base StatsEdit

Heroes Líf SpriteTitle
Lethal Swordsman
Heroes Infantry Infantry
FEH skill offense SökkvabekkrFEH Sword Sword


FEH skill offenseIron Sword---
Steel Sword---
Silver Sword---


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Non-Canon AppearancesEdit

Fire Emblem 0 (Cipher)Edit

Líf is illustrated in the trading card game Fire Emblem Cipher with the following cards:


Líf is Old Norse for "life" and "life of the body". Líf was said to be one of two humans who would survive the events of Ragnarok and repopulate the world with Lífþrasir.



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