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The Laguz Alliance was a military alliance formed between the Laguz Nations in order to overpower the mighty Begnion Empire. The founding members were Gallia, Phoenicis and Kilvas, but Kilvas later defected and betrayed the Alliance. The Alliance's forces were also supplemented by the Greil Mercenaries, hired by Ranulf who acted as aide to the leader of the Beast tribe Laguz army, Skrimir.

The Laguz Alliance was originally formed to join all the Laguz Nations, excluding Goldoa, in an effort to extract answers from the Begnion Senate over the their role in the Serenes Massacre. After the Alliance's delegates were murdered by the Senate their goal eventually became to invade Begnion and topple the Senate.

Early on in the war Kilvas betrayed the Laguz Alliance, due to a Blood Contract that bound Kilvas to the will of one particularly brutal Senator, Lekain. The betrayal crippled the Alliance, undoing much of the progress gained against the Empire and allowing Begnion's foremost commander, Zelgius, to march on the beast tribe's position.


The armies of the Laguz Alliance were led by Skrimir, Tibarn, and Naesala (before the Ravens of Kilvas betrayed the Alliance).