Lake Teutates is a location in the western mountain range in the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus.

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Lake Teutates lies between the Rhodos Coast to the north and County of Rowe to the south. It is the site of an ancient temple guarded by a magic beast known as The Immovable, and it is said that the sacred bow of Saint Indech, The Inexhaustible, is hidden there.

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In Imperial Year 1185, Linhardt tells Leonie about the sacred weapon of Lake Teutates, claiming that it could be wielded even without a Crest. Eager to strengthen herself, Leonie sets out for the lake with Linhardt and their allies in tow. At the temple, they challenge The Immovable to battle and win, and The Immovable rewards Leonie with The Inexhaustible.

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