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“If he ever starts down the wrong path and I am not here to set him straight, I am trusting you to do so in my stead, old friend. Promise me.”
—Lambert's final request to Rodrigue

Lambert is a character in Fire Emblem: Three Houses and mentioned in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. He was the King of the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus until Imperial Year 1176, and the late father of Dimitri.


As a Crest bearer, Lambert ascended the throne of Faerghus over his older brother Rufus sometime before Imperial Year 1162, when his son and heir Dimitri was born. Around that time, a plague swept through Faerghus and claimed the life of Lambert's first wife, the queen consort. The mage and reputed holy woman Cornelia cured the plague, and out of gratitude, the royal family took her into their service.

Around 1168, Lambert personally led a campaign to subjugate the peninsula of Sreng to the northeast of Faerghus, with Lord Rodrigue serving as his right hand. The conflict resulted in the Kingdom's annexation of the southern half of Sreng.

In 1171, during the Insurrection of the Seven, Lambert secretly took Anselma von Arundel's hand in marriage after she fled from the Empire. Due to being a consort of Ionius IX, she adopted the name "Patricia" and their marriage was concealed from the wider public due to the delicate political climate of the time.

In 1176, King Lambert was assassinated in the Tragedy of Duscur. With Crown Prince Dimitri too young to ascend to the throne, Lambert's elder brother, Grand Duke Rufus of Itha, assumed regency over the Kingdom.

Choose Your Legends Placement History[]

Round Placement Character Version Votes

CYL4 366 CYL Lambert Portrait
Three Houses
CYL5 276
CYL Lambert Portrait
Three Houses
CYL6 118
CYL Lambert Portrait
Three Houses
CYL7 189
CYL Lambert Portrait
Three Houses

CYL8 235
CYL Lambert Portrait
Three Houses


Lambert is a male given name and surname, it is the Low German form of the Old High German name Landberht, which means "bright homeland." Egitte may be a corruption of the Italian name for Egypt, "Egitto" or the Latin word for knights, "Equites."

Blaiddyd is the moniker of a legendary Brittonic king who encouraged the practice of necromancy, the name means "Wolf-lord" in Welsh.