“As they search for their siblings, Corrin and Sakura are taken into a castle as guests. When they discover they'd been caught in a trap, a girl with a face like a demon's appears before them.”

Land of Gods is the second History Mode map of the Fire Emblem Warriors Fates DLC Pack. This takes place in Izumo: Castle Interior and is a loose adaptation of the chapter of the same name in Fire Emblem Fates Birthright. This map focuses on Oboro.


Normal Battles Edit

Class Mission Difficulty Restriction Deploy Limit Stage Reward S-Rank Bonus Anna's Momentos
Fighter Timed Attack lv. 10 None None Kingswood None Iron Axe None
Myrmidon Recruitment Battle lv. 45 None Spears Fortified Citadel Lancebane Lance None Defeat 1,000 enemies

Defeat 75 enemies with Dual Specials

Pegasus Knight Gold Rush lv. 16 Triangle Amplification None Aytolis City Oboro's Chest Guard Iron Sword None
Myrmidon Ally Rescue lv. 38 None None Great Plain Bowbane None None
Pegasus Knight Shadow Elimination lv. 57 None None The World Tree Clawbanestone None None
Mage Recruitment Battle lv. 19 None None Dusk Castle Swordbane Tome None None
Knight Timed Onslaught lv. 31 None None Desert Arena Takumi's Fur Wrap None None
Myrmidon Rendezvous Disruption lv. 62 None Awakening Heroes Castle Sol Clawbane Lance None Defeat 1,000 enemies



Class Mission Difficulty Restriction Deploy Limit Stage Reward S-Rank Bonus Anna's Momentos
Mage Recruitment Battle lv. 42 None Axes Desert Arena Tomebane Bow None None
Archer Pincer Escape lv. 24 None None Desolate Gorge Bowbane Sword None None
Mage Arena lv. 50 None None Kingswood Acebanestone None None
Myrmidon Fort Siege lv. 23 None None Dragon Valley Azura's Pendant Master Seal None
Great Knight Recruitment Battle lv. 19 None None Aytolis Castle Swordbanestone None None
Outrealm Fiend Arena lv. 59 None None Great Plain Axebane Tome None None
Manakete Targeted Elimination lv. 68 None None Ebony Volcano Dragonbane Axe None None
Outrealm Fiend Gold Rush lv. 44 None None Dragon Valley Lancebane Sword Oboro's Spear Scroll None
Manakete Gold Rush lv. 69 Mounted Advantage None The Interspace Dragonbane Lance Elixir None

Ally BattlesEdit

Character Mission Difficulty Stage Reward S-Rank Bonus
Hinoka Ally Rescue lv. 32 Castle Sol Ryoma's Battle Coat Oboro's Spear
Oboro Fort Defense lv. 41 Desolate Gorge Tomebane Tome None

Boss BattleEdit

Character Mission Difficulty Stage Reward S-Rank Bonus
Validar Land of Gods lv. 65 Dusk Castle Navarre's Sword Strap Oboro's Spear's Opus

Xenologue BattlesEdit

Title Character(s) Mission Difficulty Restriction Deploy Limit Stage Reward S-Rank Bonus Anna's Momentos
Unworthy Chrom Timed Onslaught lv. 72 None Male The World Tree Chaos Dragon's Jewel Spellbane Yumi's Opus None
How You Fall Lissa, Caeda & Validar Shadow Elimin-ation lv.77 Neutralized Effective-ness Mounted Ebony Volcano Celica's Circlet Hinoka's Lance's Opus Defeat 1,000 enemies


Oboro & Niles Niles Fort Siege lv. 80 None Swords The Inter-space Darios's Circlet Raijinto's Opus None
Oboro & Lissa Lissa Fort Defense lv. 84 None None Fortified Citadel Anna's Purse Fujin Yumi's Opus None

Xenologue ReferencesEdit

  • Unworthy is based on a recruitment conversation between Haar and Jill
  • How You Fall comes from the scene where Vaike loses his axe in Shepherds
  • Oboro & Niles is the C-Support conversation between Niles and Oboro in Fire Emblem Fates
  • Oboro & Lissa is based on the C-Support conversation between Oboro and Azama in Fire Emblem Fates


  • Because this is a recreation of the original map, the lines from the original game are reused, but Izana, Zola and Hinata's roles are given to Caeda, Validar and, ironically, Niles due to their absence in Warriors.
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