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Land of Sorrow is Act 4 of Fire Emblem Gaiden and its remake. It details Alm's push into the land of Rigel and his battle against the Rigel Army and Celica's journey towards Duma Tower to find Mila.


Alm's Route

  • Tatiana - Talk with Alm at Nuibaba's Abode Interior. Cannot be recruited if Zeke and Jerome were engaged before Tatiana is spoken to.
  • Zeke - Engage him after recruiting Tatiana, ensure he survives the skirmish, and then talk at Rigelian Village with Alm.
  • Mycen - End of chapter

Celica's Route

  • Nomah - Talk with Celica at Mila's Temple (mandatory to proceed in Gaiden)
  • Conrad - Joins automatically after defeating Dolth (Shadows of Valentia only)


  • If Alm attempts to reach Magnum before Celica finished her story, he will be attacked by Necrodragons, preventing him from advancing. But if Celica reached Duma Tower and completed it, then the event won't happen at all.

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