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“Gra's betrayal of Altea years earlier had come as a shock, of course, until that day they attack Marth's kingdom in the name of Dolhr, Gra had been a trustworthy neighbor and ally. While the Altean army was out on an expedition, Gra struck from the rear, annihilating the Altean soldiers, killing Marth's father, King Cornelius and stealing Falchion, the blade of light. It was a crushing blow. Much time had passed since that sad day, and much had changed. Now it was Marth's turn to descend on Gra Bastion, and face King Jiol, the man who had robbed him of his father.”
—Opening Narration

Land of Sorrow is Chapter 14 of Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light and its remake.


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This chapter is not too difficult, but it is not the easiest that you have done. Make sure one of your units has a door key to open the door around the armory and vendor, and after that, have your thief raise the bridge, and send Marth to the northwest village, while your thief goes toward the southeast chests with an escort or two to clear out the enemies. Meanwhile, have your ballistician(s) fire on the enemies centered in the northwest fortress, especially the healers, and move most of your forces toward the door that will lead to Jiol. Palla and Catria will fly toward Marth to be recruited, but make sure they will not be vulnerable to archers where they are recruited, as one of them holds a Longbow. Flying reinforcements will come from where the two appeared, so be ready. Afterward, have your forces pull together and go toward the boss. Defeat the knights and the lone curate, and once everything else is taken care of, defeat Jiol and seize the throne. Weapons strong against knights as well as magic will make short work of him.

Enemy Reinforcements

  • Two Pegasus Knights will appear from the west during Turns 7 to 14 of the Enemy Phase


Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light


Items Price
Armorslayer 760
Rapier 900
Killing Edge 1250
Ridersbane 820
Silver Lance 1800
Steel Bow 560
Silver Bow 2200


Items Price
Vulnerary 600
Door Key 500
Heal 780
Fire 300
Thunder 460

Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem


Items Price
Iron Sword 420
Steel Sword 760
Silver Sword 2000
Slim Lance 450
Silver Lance 1600
Steel Bow 560
Steel Axe 600

Vendor 1

Items Price
Vulnerary 300
Door Key 500
Heal 1000
Fire 500
Thunder 630

Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon


Items Price
Armorslayer 1000G
Silver Lance 1100G
Ridersbane 600G
Steel Bow 385G
Silver Bow 1050G


Items Price
Thunder 420g
Heal 800g
Door Key 500g
Vulnerary 360g
Pure Water 600g