“Prince Ephraim, we've docked in Taizel. There’s no sign of enemy troops at this time.”
Seth just before fighting breaks out

Chapter Information

Landing at Taizel is Chapter 12 of Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones when playing Ephraim's route. This chapter contains an Arena.



You begin in the ship in the middle of the map. There are a few enemy units around along with Caellach, though you won't be able to fight him yet. Once the Cyclops appears, you'll be facing Grado forces and monsters. Both enemies will not attack each other, so you will have a hard time to defeat your foes if you're unprepared.

Run to the houses to gain a few items and Ewan, a Pupil.

Once you grab Ewan, use him to talk to Marisa. Marisa is guarded by a few units, and will attack so it is best to bring a unit with either no items or a bow. The boss won't move from his spot. Kill the boss as fast as you can, as he has a Tomahawk he'll drop if you manage to kill him before he retaliates back.

Enemy Reinforcements

  • Before Turn 2 begins, Caellach leaves the map and a Cyclops replaces him as boss. Also several monsters appear from the north, along with 3 Gargoyles directly south west of Ephraim's ship.


Completion of the mission gives you access to:

  • Next mission, which can also be a monster base when finished.
  • New floor in the Tower of Valni (floor 4)

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